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What’s The Last Day To Eat Halloween Candy?

By the enchanted edict of supernatural law, and that of luck itself, the last day to eat Halloween candy is Thanksgiving Day. This is also the day to remove Halloween Decor as well. What if by some fantastical fluke you … Continue reading

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What Is The Spirit Of Halloween?

The Spirit Of Halloween, sometimes called The Samhain Spirit, is an unaware sub-conscious like entity composed of both light and darkness. A supernatural amalgamation of good and evil intertwined into a harmonious balance. Its metaphysical energy exudes a general feeling … Continue reading

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Will The 2020 Pandemic Affect The Spirit Of Halloween?

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many communities are canceling Trick Or Treating, or reducing All Hallows Eve activities. Many have opted to cancel their annual Halloween parties as well. Naturally, this weakens The Spirit Of Halloween which is also … Continue reading

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The Samhain Child

On All Hallows Eve, Halloween Queen Shala chooses one of her adopted children to receive the full metaphysical energy of The Halloween Spirit. In actuality they become apart of the power conduit that includes Shala herself. The enchanted energy is … Continue reading

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