Halloween Haunted House

Woodland Springs Annual Haunted House Treasure Hunt Event

Sponsored By The Woodland Springs Chamber Of Commerce & Mystic Investigations

Haunted House Open 12 PM – 12 AM  October 7th – October 31st.  

On Midnight November 1st the house will be closed for the final murder mystery round of the treasure hunt contest.

The winners will get to live in the mansion from November 1st – 7th.

Woodland Springs Trick O Treating Hours: October 31st 6 PM – 9 PM.  

All Schools Closed November 1st so the kids cans sleep in after their late night.

Mystic Investigations is proud to sponsor this years Woodland Springs Haunted House & Halloween Treasure Hunt Event.  The haunted manor is located at the old Griggs Mansion deep in the heart of Mystical Forest.  The house itself has a long haunted history and was one of the first homes built in here in 1861 by our towns founder, Mortimer J Griggs.  He later went on to become our first mayor who is prominently featured in our town museum located on the second floor of the Woodland Springs Historical Society Building along with his statue at the center of Woodland Springs Park.  The event will raise money for the Woodland Springs Historical Society and help maintain the house and our sites around town.  Admission for kids is free.  Adults $5.00.  Entrance into the treasure hunt is free and open to everyone although kids must be accompanied by an adult.

Mayor Griggs founded Woodland Springs after he struck major gold at Pikes Peak.  The Haunted Griggs House was the first case Mystic Investigations undertook.  Obviously we cleansed the house of it’s poltergeist activity or we wouldn’t allow kids to go there.  Still every so often there’s a little creepy sound or you swear something has moved a few inches and it makes wonder if some sinister force still infests the dark corridors of the mansion.  I’ve been there about three times over the last few weeks decorating the old home kept in decent shape thanks to the Woodland Springs Historical Society. Still it looks like the quintessential haunted house and our amazing decorations staff has made it look even more spookier.

The long haunted history of the house began when Mortimer was murdered by his wife, Annabel Griggs, in 1889.  She apparently married him for his wealth and she had no need of him once she found a younger man named Jonathan Covington who she loved.  They say for several decades Mortimer haunted the house and that his brief physical manifestation murdered his wife in 1903 although her official death was caused by a large bookcase falling on top her.  a bookcase that has supposedly been bolted securely to the wall.  Since then the house was seemingly haunted by the couple who were thought to be fighting with each other trapped within the cursed walls.   The curse may have come from a Comanche Indian tribe who lived in Woodland Springs.  Rumor had it that Mortimer accidentally shot a Comanche Princess while hunting deer. 

When we took on the case we figured out that everyone who died in the house ended up being trapped in the house damned to haunt it forever.  So we had all these angry spirits fighting with each other and an Indian curse binding them to the house.  All I can say is that it was one big scary mess but we came through it alright.  I might retell the complete tale on my blog at some point.

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The haunted house is now open and everyone seems to really be enjoying it.  On Halloween there will be a special event run by the local Chamber Of Commerce and sponsored by us.  While trick o treating on Halloween there will be clues to a treasure hidden around the town.  At each place with a clue there will be a person dressed as a scary supernatural figure who will jump out of the bushes, roar, howl, or whatever it takes to scare the hell out of you.   Twelve finalists will end up at the haunted house for the final Midnight round.  There are many surprises planned to make it the scariest night of their life.  They will have to solve a mock murder and uncover clues leading to the fake murderer and ultimately the treasure they killed for.  The mansion is quite large and has many secret panels and corridors.  It ought to be great frightening fun for everyone.

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The winner will get the treasure which is very small chest of gold worth $5,000 which was apart of the actual treasure we uncovered during our investigation of the house.  The living relative who hired us for the case had said we could keep the treasure as our fee,  They wanted all ties cut with the horrific past of the family and they even donated the mansion to the town.  In addition if you win the contest you’ll get a years supply of Howling Harry’s Fine Chocolates.  Howling Harry’s is located in the Woodland Springs Halloween District on Horror Lane,  They will also get to submit three free cases to us for investigation and get to live in the mansion for one week complete with Butler and Maid brought you by Angela’s Butler & Maid, Inc.  As a sponsor none of us at Mystic Investigations can enter the contest however we will be at the haunted house for the final round which begins at Midnight.  In addition some of us might pop up during the night at various locations.  Be sure to catch me on the Local Channel 7 News in the next few weeks speaking about the event.  Be sure to join us in the spirit of Halloween and we hope you have a hell of time!

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Written By: Xavier Remington, President Of Mystic Investigations

Other Notable Halloween Activities:

  • Trick O Treat: October 31st 6 PM – 9 PM
  • Halloween Parade on Main Street starting at 9:15 PM.  Ends at Woodland Springs Park Reserve where fireworks will occur over Luminary Lake at the edge of the Mystical Forest at 10:15 PM.
  • Halloween Street Festival starts at 8 PM on the downtown expanse of Woodland Springs Drive and goes until 3 AM.  Halloween Costume Contest at 11:11 PM.
  • The Autumn Harvest Halloween Festival (Including Fireworks & Horror Movie Marathon)
  • Halloween Horror Movie Marathon (24 Hours On Halloween At The Imax Movie Theatre)
  • On Halloween night the Chamber Of Commerce will judge who has the best house decorations.  Top Prize $5000!
  • Museum Madness Down At The Woodland Springs Museum.
  • Haunted Halloween Tour Of The Town Brought To You By Tammy’s Travel Agency.
  • Halloween With The Beasts Down At the Woodland Springs Zoo.
  • Cryptozoology Fest down at the Zoological Society.
  • Werewolf Paintball Hunt In The Mystical Forest After Dark.  Are they real werewolves or just guys in suits?  Just to be safe all paint is laced with colloidal silver.   Remember that Werewolves have the power to transform without a full moon on Halloween night!  Enter the competition at your own risk!

Please have respect for the dead and don’t utilize cemeteries for your spooky Halloween fun.  One of our clue spots in the treasure hunt is located outside the Mason Mortuary on the edge of Old Woodland Springs Cemetery but that’s as close as we get.  A mock cemetery has been set-up near the haunted house for you to enjoy.  We even throw in creepy fog at no extra charge.  Also be aware that poltergeist activity is at it’s height in cemeteries and around funeral homes on Halloween.  Various nefarious figures utilize cemeteries for their dark magic.  Zombies are also a risk you take by entering cemeteries after dark on Halloween or even in the days leading up to Halloween.  This is no laughing matter folks!

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