What Is The Average Temperature Of A Haunted House?

haunted-houseGhost Hunters always carry a digital thermometer as a general guide to gauge paranormal activity around them.  Believe it or not the average temperature of a haunted house, or any other structure, is a respectable 66.6ºF even if the furnace is running.  When an entity directly interacts in the vicinity the temperature will drop drastically depending on the power of the entity whether it be a human ghost, poltergeist,  demon, or some other higher dimensional being.  These beings pull energy from the general area causing air molecules to slow down thereby lowering the temperature.  A simple ghost can take the temperature down to freezing while more powerful entities of evil may drop it to 0ºF or lower.  One thing is for sure.  If your digital thermometer hit 66.6ºF or 19.22ºC then chances are good that you’re in a haunted house.

Ultra power demons can have an opposite effect, and the place can actually get hot as hell.  Well maybe not that hot but if your digital thermometer reads 150.88ºF or 66.6ºC then it’s time to get the heck out of that house.  Not only because you’ll be damn uncomfortable but really because a demon is afoot!  In some cases the house will erupt into spontaneous flames.  Never take on a demon alone.  Call your local demon hunter or exorcist for help.

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  2. I already knew about the temperature going up from an experience I had at a gravesite. There was a blast of hot air on one side of it like a space heater. Imagine how powerful something has to be in order for it to heat the air.

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