What Is The Average Temperature Of A Haunted House?

Ghost Hunters always carry a digital thermometer as a general guide to gauge paranormal activity around them. Believe it or not the average temperature of a haunted house, or any other similar structure is a respectable 66.6ºF. Even if the furnace is running at full steam or it’s the middle of a summer heat wave. This temperature usually reflects a state of ghostly presence yet in a mostly dormant state. They occupy the house and are siphoning just enough thermal energy from the air to remain charged up for future action!

The temperature of 66.6 obviously corresponds to Satan’s designated number of 666. Even without any demonic presence, the temperature is actually a product of the Devil hacking reality. In dormancy, metaphysical entities feel the 66.6ºF limit just as the demonic reality hacking detects their paranormal presence. This is a sign of the Devil’s dominion upon the metaphysical in this Earthly world. This hellish hack is supported by Dark Underworld Gods to thwart any re-programming by nature deities. Like a great many things, including time, the Devil adheres to human measurements. This includes temperature and its first measurement system of Fahrenheit.

Haunting Activity Can Drastically Decrease The Temperature!

When an invisible entity directly interacts with the physical environment the temperature will drop drastically. This is dependent on the power of the haunting entity whether it be a ghost, poltergeist, demon, or some other higher dimensional being. These blasphemous beings pull heat energy from the general area causing air molecules to slow down thereby lowering the temperature. Absorbing energy from the air is the most common method of powering up next to taking electricity. This of course causes the quintessential light flickering of a classic haunted house.

A simple ghost can take the temperature down to freezing if they are furiously flying about trying to get your attention. More powerful entities of evil may drop it to 0ºF or lower as they have the ability to squeeze more energy from the environment and transfer it to usable metaphysical energy. Naturally, this can cause pipes to burst and other damage to occur. Demons pretending to be other entities just to toy with humans will bring the Kelvin Scale into play. Especially if they are messing around with logical scientists who refuse to accept the existence of the supernatural world. The temperature will hover at 66.6°K or -339.79ºF! Extreme hauntings by multiple powerful poltergeists have seen temperatures plummet to Absolute Zero −459.67°F. This resulted in the nearly instant death of everyone inside along with the building crumbling apart within minutes!

The Hot As Hell Haunted House Is The Most Dangerous!

Dastardly demons can have an opposite effect on the environmental temperature as it gets hotter than hell…well figuratively anyway. This is where these dark denizens of the Devil’s damnation pay homage to the Celsius Scale. If the thermostat reads 66.6ºC or 151.88ºF then it’s time to get the heck out of that house! Run as fast as your feet can carry you because you’ll not only be baking alive but also be dealing with angry demons! They are powered by the metaphysical flames of Hell and don’t require environmental fuel. Although they do enjoy feeding off the fear and anger of human souls for additional strength.

Top-flight demons and perplexing poltergeists powered by Underworld energies can literally turn any building into a burning furnace as temperatures hit 666 in every temperature measurement scale just for demented kicks! This can result in it being over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit! These sinister specters are dying to destroy everything in the vicinity as everyone becomes supernaturally sealed in the haunted house! People are quickly baked alive amid the eruption of blinding flames! Whenever you’re in a building where the temperature is rapidly getting colder or hotter you should immediately flee the scene just to be safe! Don’t take a chance it is merely a faulty HVAC system!😈

😇Interesting Note: If Angels are present there is no set temperature standard. People simply report a feeling of loving warmth whether it happens in the freezing cold of winter or the hellish heat of summer. This is due to Angels imparting holy enchanted energy upon a person’s body, mind, and soul.

Why Do I Smell The Perfume Of A Dead Relative?

Why Do Ghosts Leave Aroma’s Associated With Them When They Were Alive?
Graveyard GhostMany of us have experienced a familiar aroma most often associated with fallen family or friends.  Generally, these sensations occur right after death.  They can include perfumes, colognes, soaps, cigars, etc.  These are the hallmarks of friendly ghosts rather than the wretched sulfurous stinks associated with malevolent spirits such as angry ghosts, poltergeists, and demons.  We know that the dark angry thoughts of evil entities translate into dark energy.  This, in turn, activates a chain reaction at the quantum sub-atomic level all the way up to the atomic.  For reasons not fully understood this often activates Hydrogen, and Sulfur atoms thereby forming Hydrogen Sulfide molecules. This is detected by our nose as a rotten egg smell.   However dark higher dimensional beings have been known to produce other wretched odors on occasion clearly on purpose.  Despicable stenches such as that of rotting corpses.

In the case of friendly ghosts, such as friends, and family, the aromas are almost always pleasant, and most often correlate with a product that gave them their trademark fragrance.  Naturally producing these varied molecular combinations couldn’t be coincidence, and would be extremely difficult to produce even on purpose.   After someone dies they usually become a temporary ghost before moving on into the light of the afterlife.  It’s the soul’s way of giving closure to the dearly departed even if they have no traumatic issues which create true haunting ghosts.  As they invisibly mill about their loved ones they have the power to read minds completely.  In many cases, a mental connection is made, and the memory of the particular scent associated with the dead person is activated making the person think they’re smelling it.  This may be an accident or purposely done by the ghost. They may also actually see the ghost when others don’t due to the unique vivid activation of an image in the brain.  Something like an intense daydream.  This can also occur among many in a group as they think about the departed at the same time.

This isn’t to say that strong-willed ghosts don’t actually translate thoughts into photon energy to make themselves appear as a hologram of sorts. They can also mix atoms to produce the molecules of their scent based on the brain patterns they read from the minds of the living.  However most of the time the entire process is taking place in the living persons brain which is why not everyone in a room might have the same experience.  Despite that seasoned Ghost Hunters can detect the presence of these entities due to the electromagnetic radiation they exude along with other local environmental changing factors.

So is there a common smell for good ghosts manifesting that’s equivalent to the evil entities sulfur smell?  Most of the time no.  Good energy manifesting into our reality without specifically concentrating on anyone doesn’t usually result in any smell.  However, particularly strong forces of good phasing into our world, such as Angels, often produce unusually pleasant aromas that are indescribable.  Some get a sense of something between an indistinguishable fruit, and floral smell.  A type of supernatural aromatherapy that energizes any humans, or animals in the vicinity.  Although the scent might not be detected by someone engaged in an intensely emotional situation, or if the Angels have been around for a decent length of time.  Rare powerful ghosts of good have been known to produce unidentifiable scents somewhat resembling a cross between sweet fruits, and flowers as well.

So whether intentional, or not, those who have passed on are indeed watching over you, and you’re not imaging things when you catch their scent every so often.  Someday you will be a ghost yourself, and probably be surprised what aroma people associated with you since you yourself are so used to the scent.  As you walk into the light that leads to Heaven you can confirm that any ascended family and friends were indeed there in your most depressing of times hoping to lift your spirits.

Why Can Some Ghosts Be Seen In A Camera But Not By The Naked Eye?

Why Can Ghosts Be Photographed Yet Not Be Seen By Humans? How Ghosts Interact With Our Reality.
flash-photoGhosts that can only be seen with cameras, or other types of electronic equipment are simply phasing into our reality outside the range of visible light. Human eyes can only see visible light.  Visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation like that of Radio waves, Microwave radiation, Infrared radiation, Ultraviolet, X-Rays, and even Gamma Rays.  Ghosts phase into our reality by directing their astral energy bodies into the energy strings that are the foundation of matter.  This extra energizing of these vibrating strings causes photons to form.  Photons are the foundation of electromagnetic radiation, and the ultimate source of light in this Universe when vibrating in a certain frequency range.  So as a ghost, or other higher dimensional non-corporeal being, phases into our Universe they first produce radio waves.  These radio waves may interfere with radio or television transmissions along with possibly creating verbal communications from the ghost.  This is known as EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  As it gains supernatural strength via the absorption of environmental energy, the ghost will next produce Microwave radiation which can cause interference in a number of electronic devices.  Then the entity enters the infrared spectrum, and may be picked up by some cameras but not to the naked eye.  However more frequently the infrared manifestation is picked up by thermal imaging devices.

As the ghostly being enters the visible light spectrum we can finally see them without the aid of any ghost hunting devices.  Usually they appear as vaporous transparent forms.  Ghosts seen by the naked eye are rare because it requires so much energy to acquire, and maintain a visible state.  Due to the energy required they will appear for only a short time.  In fact many times they appear, and disappear in the blink of an eye.  So we miss seeing it but our camera may pick up the other worldly image.  Even rarer would be a ghost that appears to be solid due to having a dense concentration of photons like that of an advanced hologram, or Star Wars Light Saber.  Theoretically it’s possible for higher dimensional beings to surpass the visible light spectrum, and phase into the Ultraviolet which is what most Angels produce.  Then into the dangerous X-Ray arena, and extremely dangerous Gamma radiation department.  There are only a few recorded instances of extremely powerful demons, and poltergeists producing actual gamma rays due to the energies of their hate filled rage.

Types Of Electromagnetic Radiation

Name Wavelength Frequency (Hz) Photon Energy (eV)
Gamma ray less than 0.01 nm more than 10 EHz 124 keV – 300+ GeV
X-Ray 0.01 nm to 10 nm 30 EHz – 30 PHz 124 eV to 124 keV
Ultraviolet 10 nm – 380 nm 30 PHz – 790 THz 3.3 eV to 124 eV
Visible 380 nm – 750 nm 790 THz – 405 THz 1.7 eV – 3.3 eV
Infrared 750 nm – 1 mm 405 THz – 300 GHz 1.24 meV – 1.7 eV
Microwave 1 mm – 1 meter 300 GHz – 300 MHz 1.24 µeV – 1.24 meV
Radio 1 mm – 100,000 km 300 GHz – 3 Hz 12.4 feV – 1.24 meV