What Effect Does Virgin Blood Have On Vampires?

Sweet Virgin GirlThe various legends of virgins blood can be contradictory with some saying it’s poisonous to vampires while others saying it has mystical properties beneficial to the living dead.  Both are correct in the right context.  The blood of virgin humans contains the magical properties of pure-hearted innocence similar to what is found in children’s blood.  This is why kids blood is always poisonous under all circumstances. Especially babies blood which is deadly to vampires.  All innocent blood tastes beyond exquisite to living dead which is why a vampire can easily be tricked by an enemy into drinking it.  The difference between children’s blood, and adult virgin blood is the fact that virgins blood can be both poisonous, and powerful to nocturnal sanguine suckers.

A virgin must give permission to a vampire to partake of their blood for it to be a power boost greater than normal human blood.  If a vampire doesn’t gain permission then the blood will be pure poison, and deadly to most vampires.  However vampires over 1000 years old, and/or in the first to second generations can withstand it. No matter how powerful they are illness with befall them but they will suffer through to enjoy what they call, “the sweetest sustenance of sensuality”.  There is also sparse anecdotal evidence that the sainted pure of heart blood can resurrect a dead vampire who was staked in the heart or even beheaded!  It’s also thought to be a key ingredient in the elusive ancient cure for vampirism.

Why Is Virgin Blood So Powerful & What Of Soul Mate Blood?
Soul MatesIn addition a virgin can never be transformed into a vampire.  They are immune to a number of paranormal viruses including the vampire, werewolf, and even some strains of the dreaded supernatural form of the zombie virus.  These special protections granted to virgins are through to reside in the metaphysical energy matrix of the Chakra’s.  When one has sexual relations there is a deep, and permanent energy exchange that causes soul entanglement.  What would be called a spiritual contamination.  Only in cases of 100% true soul mates does this not occur, and in fact a supernatural strengthening is manifested. Unfortunately real soul mates on Earth, aka perfectly aligned opposite soul frequencies, is thought to only exist less than 1% of the time.  Simply consider the size of the planet, the Universe, and the expanse of time.  What are the odds two perfect paranormally compatible spiritual frequencies would meet? It’s beyond astronomical!  In fact there’s only one recorded case when it comes to vampires.  A soul mated couple allowed a group of vampires to feed on them for the soul purpose of easy eradication.  The vampires didn’t have a clue that their blood was pure paranormal poison!

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  2. I am half god and half demon, i have dormant werewolf and vampire genes, because of this my body is dying, I need your blood to cure me, we are running out of time Satans army is growing and im the only one who can destroy his forces

    • I can’t imagine how a half god, demon, werewolf, and vampire could have possible come into existence to begin with but if such a thing existed I would think the god portion would hold it together. After consulting with Drake, and my Cryptozoologist Ashely Abercrombie vampire blood really wouldn’t do any good in this most amazingly unusual case. Vampire blood is mainly used to heal humans.

  3. Im the am protecting the Neutral Christ, the world needs a leader and I have the power to kill Satan and destroy his armies there is no reason I cant do it

  4. I can do it on my own but Id rather work with you there is still alot of things that I dont understand but i do know this that we must act now, we no longer have the luxury of waiting.

  5. Heads up Satan intends to make 12 demon/god hybrids these twelve beings will give the Anti Christ the power to destroy Jesus and Jehovah with ease, afterwards the Anti Christ will create a demon named Abraxas which is the Illuminatis fake god. Together Abraxas and the Anti Christ will have the power to kill any other omniverse gods.

  6. Bor3dom, question for you. How does this have anything to do with virgins’ blood and its effect on vampires? I do not wish to be confrontational, and, if what you are saying is true, it is most interesting, however it should be in the correct category.

  7. Just out of curiosity, Bor3dom, what encourages you to believe that you can destroy one of the most powerful beings that we know of (and growing in strength) and his armies (some of which are gods with powers beyond that of most material beings and even immaterial beings)? (P.S: Not disapproving you or anything-I try to keep an open mind-just want to know.)

  8. Satan has twelve beings that give him his power, my one of my gits is the ability to absorb power and I have already absorbed one of twelve beings’ power and im working on absorbing the other eleven, i have also been building an army of supernatural beings.

  9. I need the blood of a werewolf and of a vampire, taking in these bloods will grant me all of the abilities of both beings with a few enhanced abilities. I will then need virgin blood as well and a bite from a pure blood werewolf, this will then make me one of the most powerful beings in existence.

  10. Just reading everything. Bor3dom. Are you of Jesus’s blood line? If you are. That alone is powerful enough! His blood is stronger than Holy water & Holy fire. In astral form you will be able to take down any demon or devil. I’m saying I know that Jesus’s blood line can conquer Werewolves, Vampires & Demons. I can’t say they can destroy the Devil himself. Also, did you know that Nostradamus predicted that Jesus would be conceived in 2012. Also what the evil lords don’t know is that the white dragon is suppose to be born as well. The protectors of light will come to earth soon! They’re waiting to be reborn so they can fight for the light and what is innocent! I believe Jesus & that dragon will be able to defeat any evil in existence!

  11. Wait, if you are a God/Demon/vampire/werewolf hybrid and a virgin, why would you need the blood?Your God and Demon portion should allow you to access the abilities of the others and enhance them. Or if the parts have been bound you can use magick to unbind them. As a hybrid you are already more powerful than most.

  12. I have been raised by demons my whole life and I have always stayed in the light, at the peak of my power, my brother betrayed me and I was killed. I lost all of my powers and reduced to to a slightly stronger human, I was tortured in hell for a period of time and because of this my mind broke. I was brought back somehow and ever since then I have been more demon, then god but because of my love for a pure of heart girl, I have managed to become more powerful than I was before. The blood is necessary to create a new species to repopulate the earth. I have absorbed 11 arch demon and the final one is not in hell or earth. Satans final arch demon will bring the end of humanity, but he will not be able to kill my species.

  13. Bor3dom, you’re childhood sounds much worse than mine. I am sorry to hear about your up bringing. Yes true love does set you free! When you were in Hell, why didn’t anyone come to your aid? An Angel? Did they resurrect you? Maybe that was there way of getting you out of Hell? I don’t understand why the Devil would want all humans to parish. Since he has many human follower. Or does he wish for hell on Earth? Bor3dom does your girl friend have any other powers? Can she heal others, has she tried? I know Jesus’s bloodline are shape-shifters in astral form. If she knows how to control this she can protect you! I don’t know how many of Jesus’s blood line are in this world. I hope many! To be honest, gods blood is in all humans. The fountain of god is within all people have to do is believe it and it will flow once again! Yes there blood will become holy.

    I am not the true expert on the Paranormal. Xavier, Rebecca & Drake are the ones that should be able to help you the most. I only know from my own experiences. Why I came here as well. They have been a great help to me. So you’re entire family are of demonic in nature? I’m trying to figure out what exactly you are. I’ve never heard of this before! I’m sorry to hear about your brother. Bor3dom how did you absorb the 11 arch demons? I’m curious. I do believe you!

  14. Think of it as a switch that has been turned off for generations. I believe the Illuminati don’t want common people to know there true power! If the masses knew. They would over throw them. And they should! But each human has the ability to protect themselves from any evil. People have been brain washed and taught that they have no power. If people would awaken they could do so much more! Meditation opens up parts of our brain. Smoking certain herbs can and will open up the waves. I know since I put together herbs last week and tried this. All the herbs are legal. As I was sitting by the fire pit in my yard. Smoked a few hits. I felt energy like a tornado around me.

    Then butter flies were flying in circular motion. Landing on me. There were 3 types of butter flies. Then hawks and and Eagle landed near me in the yard. I was trying to get an owl to come. I am not the only one with this ability. My son can do it. We are strong of the light. And some how we tapped into an unknown power we didn’t know existed. When my son was next to me our power was stronger! He was in shock!! Since he thought of our gifts as a curse! He don’t think that anymore! I have not even told this to anyone! Since I am trying to figure out how to control it better! Since I was a child I have had abilities. Such as turning one but into two.. by placing them into my palm.

    My father told me to shut it. Since religious parents came to our house and yelled at him. There kids were freaked out. I can control the weather. I have kept this all closed.. once in a while it opens up! For instance if I have a night mare.. I wake up and the wind is out of control. I then lay there in bed and calm down.. and then the wind stops! No coincidence. I have also stopped 4 tornado’s that landed in my area. I still am very new to it and I try control it. But with herbs & deep meditation you can open up your abilities. My secret is you calm your mind. Listen to the crickets chirping. Then open your mind more and feel everything around you. The breeze on your arms etc. Go into as much detail as possible. This will heighten your senses. Let me know if any of this was of help.

  15. When I said I have not heard of this before! I meant I have not heard of anyone dieing .. going to Hell then being resurrected back to Earth. So I am trying to figure out how that happened. I know of hybrids. They do exist. It is possible. I do believe all are one and can be if they choose it. Perhaps everything has to become one in order for everyone to realize we are equals and then finally.. We will have peace! Is that an impossible thing?

  16. Unfortunately for the time being she is not my girlfriend she does not have full access to her abilities but I am trying to teach her, Decades ago Satan chose what 12 families that would bear a vessel for his arch demons, the arch demon is then assigned to the family and follows the parents of their vessel and corrupts them. The goal is to bring twelve demon/god hybrids into the world and for them to fight and kill each other until there is only one standing. The final demon/god hybrid is the named as the king of hell and he must choose one of Satan’s daughters as a mate. The child between this two beings would bring about the destruction of every omniverse. My demon decided to rebel against Satan so I was tortured more than any other hybrid, my god parent began working with my demon in an attempt to save everything. So I was then given werewolf and vampire genes before I was conceived. I began losing my soul, the torture made me a demi-demon, but then the Jesus’s daughter imbued me with an incorruptible soul. As I became a threat to Satan’s plot he sent my brother to cause a chain of events which resulted in my death. I was tortured in hell and no one came to save me the only reason I was brought back because I am meant to be the father of the Anti Christ. Satan’s plan failed because of my soul I was reduced to being a zombified demi demon. I still had my goals of destroying him but I had to go through child hood again which stripped me of my powers for a period of time. Today me Jesus’ daughter and the netural christ brought 10 arch demons in one place and i absorbed all of their power and they now dwell inside of me.

  17. So now there is only one arch demon left and I have no idea where he is, im assuming his vessel will be someone i hold dear so now its just the matter of waiting. I must get stronger though this demon is the most powerful of all of the 12 arch demons

  18. Satan views humans as an infection that needs to be destroyed to bring in the age of darkness. He wants to repopulated the earth with his children so that he becomes the god of the omniverse.

  19. The only one who has ever come to me is The Great God Pan. I don’t think he is Satan. He is of Nature! And I protect Pan. You’re cousin was a tad bit of a womanizer that night!! Do you know what he did? Did he tell you? I shouldn’t say on here. But you tell him if he does that again. I will wolf out all over him and he better run! I don’t take kindly to being man handled or bitten.

  20. Between you’re cousin and Pan. Pan never did that to me. He was always a gentleman towards me. You’re cousin has much to learn about women. Maybe I should be the one to teach him some manners. If you want to talk to me that’s fine Bor3dom. But never send your cousin to me again! Especially without my permission. I took it as he was trying to take my powers. Unless if he wants war.. he better not do it again!!! Charles didn’t even man handle me that roughly or that scary. Is your cousin a hybrid as well? From what I seen he looked possessed himself! I’m seriously not impressed! Unless if he wants the Ring girl on him. he should never do that to me again!!

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  22. I am deeply sorry about my cousin I had idea what he was doing to you, I recently found out that his demon has been working for Satah and that he was tryin to use my power to kill me, I have cursed him for it though

    • They have more demon DNA in them,and are therefore stronger with more resistance. Each successive generation becomes more diluted, and weaker. It hasn’t happened yet but someday there will be a last generation of the weakest vampires who won’t even be able to turn anyone in a vampire. They will probably be close to a Dhampir, human-vampire hybrid.

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