What Happens When Vampires Die?

Do Vampires Have An Afterlife?

Whatever method by which a Vampire is extinguished they always burst into unholy flames until nothing is left but a pile of ash. Unholy ash is often used by practitioners of magic in various spells. Their dark demonic energy body, the equivalent of the human astral body, finds itself in the astral plane between life, and death. The demon who originated their line of vampires is linked to them, and will directly try to claim their soul.  Many vampires are evil so they willingly go with the demonic progenitor to Hell to begin a new immortal life as a demon. Those who committed the most heinous acts are rewarded with higher-level demon status. Once their evil energy form is made demon in Hell that particular incarnation is cut off from their human soul permanently. They now vibrate at a different metaphysical frequency from their former human soul, and are considered a totally new person born of pure evil!

Afterlife Redemption For Vampires?

There are a number of vampires who are evil in life but once within the Astral Plane facing the final death they are in more direct contact with their human soul. They start to regret the atrocities they committed. There is a battle within themselves to make a final decision on their eternal status. The malevolent demon judging them will get quite angry that they dare contemplate rejecting the generous offer of becoming a fellow demon. At that point, a fight could very well ensue. If they don’t change their mind then the white light of their Guardian Angel intervenes and whisks them away to safety. In the end, it’s estimated that 50% of the time the vampire chooses to join his human soul to begin the afterlife ascension process into the higher Heavenly dimensions. This may include a stay with Ice Demons in Purgatory before going to Heaven. There is often a punishment and delayed demon status for vamps who put up a fight before agreeing to go to Hell.

The Benevolent Vampire

Those vampires who were good are more gently charmed by the Demon. They know that Angelic intervention could take place if he attempts to force the vampire to join him in Hell. When the Demon ultimately fails to convince the good vampire to join him he will make some last-minute threats toward those they care about. In some cases, a vampire might sacrifice himself to Hell in order to save someone else if he thinks the threats are serious. Any type of coercion has the potential to draw in a Guardian Angel to take the vampire to the afterlife. Often when the demon doesn’t win they enter a blinding rage that sends the vampire flying across the Astral Plane. As he or she reaches the other side their human Astral body returns to them as the dark demonic energy form fades away. Quite a few benevolent vampires already had half their human astral body before hand since the dark demonic energy didn’t take complete hold. Those type of vampires are the guilty angst-ridden ones who languish in a Hell of their own making while alive on Earth. Once out of the astral plane they are fully human again becoming one with their four-dimensional soul in the Heavenly dimensions of 5-D, and beyond!

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