Can You Become A Vampire?

Theoretically, anyone can become a Vampire. Although the odds of this happening to you are beyond astronomical. Seriously you would be more likely to get struck by lightning! Either you have to find a vampire or one has to target you. Frequenting various venues of numerous nocturnal social gatherings is your best bet at locating a vampire. On top of that, it isn’t very often vampires find someone they judge worthy enough to share an eternal blood bond. Indeed you will have a psychic bond with your vampire sire and be indebted to them forever. Most vampires who bring humans across into the dark sanguine shadows feel a responsibility to mentor their creation in the way of being a living dead predator. They wish to mold themselves an everlasting companion and minion who will back them up in all situations. Ultimately, the only way you can choose to be a vampire is to first be chosen by one.

The Powerful Pros Of Being A Vampire

If you’re hell-bent on joining the ever-living dead blood-sucking set then you should carefully weigh the pros and cons before taking the paranormal plunge. On the positive side, you will have immortality that frees you from the ravages of aging and the pain of disease. Although you can be temporarily weakened or injured by various means you will enjoy miraculously rapid restoration! Once you attain dark immortality you will become physically beautiful in every way if you aren’t already. Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and intelligence are additional gifts granted to the vampire. There are other telepathic abilities and hypnotic powers as well. Your high IQ intelligence and longevity should allow you to accumulate great wealth both legitimately and illegally with ease! Most vamps have no issue with living in the lap of luxury as they globe-trot around the world! Especially with the additional advantage of the wisdom and connections of your sire and their nefarious associates.

Paranormal Power Lies In The Generation Of Your Vampire Sire

The extent of these prolific powers is based on the generation of the vampire who sires you. The top prize is to become a second-generation vampire by the fangs of the royal elite first generation. The odds are astronomical this will happen as they are often in the circles of the rich and famous! If you did achieve such a feat then you would join the prestigious ranks of the infamous Dracula! You’ll also have the loyalty, and protection of your father or mother vampire along with any sired siblings who share your blood bond. Whatever generation you become you will see your powers increase with every century of life. However, do avoid being brought across into the living dead by the nasty Nosferatu. They are the lowest of the vampire community and your life will be pure hell for sure! At least you won’t live beyond 1000 years in that case since these ugly creepers aren’t immortal.

The Cons Of Vampirehood

On the negative side, you should expect a change in your personality. Your DNA will become demonic in nature as you’re cut off from your human soul. Instead, you will have a dark metaphysical spirit linked to the demon who created your vampire bloodline. Only people of exceptional character and strong will are able to transform into a vampire and remain in touch with their humanity. This is extremely rare in the vampire community. Your undying loyalty will lie with your new vampire family rather than your human one. You will regard them as a different species and easily leave them behind along with friends. You will care not for them or humankind in general as you think of them as meals or jesters to amuse your evil urges. Various atrocities could easily be committed by your hands. Things you may only regret if you die and enter the afterlife. There you will face a choice to be made demon in Hell or go to Purgatory to begin redemption so you may enter Heaven as a human.

The Dangers Of Being A Member Of The Living Dead

Food will no longer have much taste nor will it satisfy you in any way. You will only hunger for blood with humans being your number one craving for sustenance and power. You shall find it sweet-tasting and not disgusting as most humans would. Although you will be monstrously strong you can be weakened and killed. The death of a vampire results in the body spontaneously combusting into unholy flames and then turning to instant ash. The process is short yet seriously painful! The most common deaths are a wooden stake to the heart or exposure to the holy sun. A sun you can never again bask in without literally burning alive! Although you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets when the sun is below the horizon. You can only go outside at night and will be confined indoors all day long! No fun in the summer sun for the vexing vampire!

The Risk Of Public Exposure

Entering a church and being in the presence of holy religious artifacts is painful for vampires. It weakens them and can lead to death when exposure is prolonged. This includes holy water. If any of these things are present you could easily be exposed as a vampire. This could put your life in danger from various forces of righteousness or even Royal Transylvanian Vampires who you must obey. If you reveal your vampire nature to a crowd or the media they will send Enforcers to eradicate you and clean up the mess! Even if it wasn’t intentional you’re still dead or worse they’ll torture you for centuries to make an example out of you! As a vampire expect to be the target of Vampire Slayers who live only to hunt your kind down every day and night! Especially as you sleep during the day and are vulnerable to attack! Contemplate every aspect of being a vampire before making the commitment to enter the blasphemous bloody eternal darkness!🧛

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