What’s The Difference Between The Human Spirit And Soul?

The terms Human Soul and Human Spirit are often used interchangeably. However, a Soul is quite different from the Spirit. Our Souls are vessels for our higher dimensional consciousness. Technically our biological bodies in this 3-D physical reality are souls as they house our consciousness. Every higher plane of existence contains our infinite souls that vibrate at the same energy frequency. This connects them to each other and is what makes you who you are. They are made of varying degrees of metaphysical energy and non-corporeal energy with a multitude of physical states as well. This extends to the highest level known as the Macroverse mind. When referring to the soul we are almost always speaking of these higher dimensional non-physical models.

What Is The Human Spirit?

One’s Spirit is a non-conscious entity surrounding the Soul. In a way, it acts as a shield against mental, spiritual, and emotional attacks upon the soul. The first threads of your Spirit are born the day any future parent imagines having kids. Once the child is conceived the spirit grows exponentially via the Human Collective Consciousness which is the greater Human Spirit of our entire species. Interconnected with the thoughts of others focused on you adds substance to your spirit. Positive thoughts and actions strengthen the Spirit and nourish the soul. Neutral thoughts merely cause minor spiritual growth. After all, any intention that isn’t negative is still good.

Can The Human Spirit Be Broken?

Negative thoughts and actions sap enchanted energy away from the Spirit while the Soul remains intact. The Spirit’s role as a supernatural shield can falter as one’s Spirit can be broken after enduring a difficult life for quite some time. Often this can lead to suicide as the Soul becomes directly exposed to the harsh light of this physical reality. Sometimes seen in those who are mercilessly bullied. This includes those with fame who are ridiculed by thousands or even millions of people. There would probably be a lot more tragedy in the celebrity community if it wasn’t for the fact that creative imagination can protect the spirit. When used correctly it can infuse the spirit with a surge of energy. Those with beyond exceptional imaginations can endure without outside positive energy. These are the ones that are perfectly content being stranded alone on a desert island for an extended period. On the opposite end, we have the people who would paint a face on a volleyball and speak to it as their friend. As each day passed they would slowly go insane amid fits of sobbing before they commit to ending it all!

Broken Spirits Can Lead To Death!

Even if suicide doesn’t come to pass the Soul will deteriorate to the point that it will begin to affect the physical soul or biological body. This will eventually lead to death on its own or by weakening the body thus making it vulnerable to disease. We often witness this in Soulmates when one dies and the other ends up dying rather quickly afterward. This is the rapid breaking of the Spirit causing a jolt to the Soul. If this doesn’t occur most likely the other person wasn’t really their soulmate or a strong willful imagination is in play. In the afterlife, the soul and spirit are reenergized by dealing with positive beings of light along with knowledge of Parallel Universes where the Spirit was catapulted to heavenly heights!

The Planetary Human Spirit Of The Entire Species

The highest level of the Human Spirit is the Human Collective Consciousness. A non-sentient sub-conscious like Spirit that connects the entire human species past, present, and future. Sizable swathes of this Spirit have been broken due to widespread death and tragedy such as horrifying pandemics, wars, and even natural disasters. This affects the individual spirits of those who remain alive and can in turn negatively impact them. So far the entire Human Spirit hasn’t been broken. Such a thing may occur if there ever was a devastating global catastrophe such as a massive meteor strike or violent extraterrestrial invasion that enslaved or eradicated humankind. Even within such dark times, it may be up to a handful to keep the Spirit alive. When the grander Human Spirit is broken the entire species will inevitably die!

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