Is North Pole City The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Safe Haven?

The North Pole As A Safe Zone For All Global Cataclysmic Disasters!
Escape The Zombie Apocalypse Via North Pole CityYou’re darn tooting you’ll be super safe!  If the Earth were ever to fall prey to a global Zombie, Vampire, or even a Werewolf Pandemic then the safest place is North Pole City. If nothing else when it comes to zombies it’s so far north that they’d never get close since the walking dead literally freeze in below freezing conditions.  Santa’s Winter Wonderland has cloaked, and protected supernatural shielding making it ideal to hide out, and survive all disasters.  Even a major meteor hit wiping out all life on Earth!  That being said if most of humanity was wiped out then the Spirit Of Christmas would shrink to a mere shadow of itself since it relies heavily on the human collective consciousness of billions.  However it is Santa Claus’s Demi-Angel powers, along with his Christmas Crystal, that are the core force of the Christmas Spirit, and the fuel that drives the most magical place on Earth, North Pole City.  The mystical city could most likely support at least a million people supplying them with plenty of food, clothing, and shelter.  Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog…

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