The Mardi Gras Joker Was Nearly Captured By Two Elves!

The Demi-Angel Santa Claus has become increasingly concerned with a Super Villain called The Mardi Gras Joker. A jester looking Voodoo Master who operates out of New Orleans who has officially taken over the holiday of Mardi Gras. He continues to stoke the dark flames of damnation that have dominated the holidays Spirit in recent decades. His goal is to bring about a global chaotic Party Apocalypse that would be a nightmare like The Purge films! 24-7 non-stop madness devoid of any morality! Santa sent two of his best Elf Agents down to New Orleans on Mardi Gras to look into this nefarious denizen of darkness. The Elves reported back to Santa they had the target in sight and were ready to capture him.🃏

The Humane Imprisonment Of The Joker

The intent was to turn the Mardi Gras Joker over to us here at Mystic Investigations who would, in turn, transport him to the great Sorcerer of the light known as Ian McTavish. He runs a world-renowned magic school out of Scotland. He also has a paranormal prison to contain threats the mainstream governments couldn’t handle. So the Elves stealthily made their way into his lair within the sewers of Orleans. They easily evaded his minions and found the filthy fiend asleep in a chamber built off the sewer system.🤡 Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog…

The Arctic-Antarctic Paranormal Portal

We know the Christmas Capital of the world resides in the Arctic at North Pole City. However, did you know Santa Claus has a base of operations located at the South Pole? Naturally, it is called South Pole City despite merely being a small settlement of Elves and enchanted animals. It is technically a territory of North Pole City rather than its own sovereign city nation. Despite not being apart of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 Santa is there legally in secret. This is because he seriously predates said treaty by several centuries. The Antarctic Christmas base was established in 1374. Many centuries before Captain James Cook of Great Britain discovered the continent in 1773. Ancient advanced lost civilizations discovered the South Pole long before this but Santa is the only one still alive with the oldest claim. Technically he is the discoverer of Antarctica in our known recorded history! He could theoretically say he owns Antarctica and declare the Antarctic Treaty null and void!🎅

The Bridge Between The North Pole And The South Pole

After interviewing Santa Claus he told us that 164 years after building his Christmas community at the North Pole something odd happened. A paranormal portal spontaneously formed and naturally, Santa walked through it. He instantly found himself at the South Pole. He had previous knowledge of the Antarctic due to being a Demi-Angel in contact with Angels along with the Winter God Jack Frost as well. Santa had flown there a handful of times in the past as he loved the wildlife including the precious penguins and seals. The portal proved to be permanent so that’s when Santa decided to bring animals across to live at the North Pole. Before that, he only had one pet penguin who was abandoned. With the animals given the freedom to return to the South Pole at any time he didn’t hesitate to let them frolic about his sainted city. The first thing he did was enchant a group of penguins who became the infamous Marching Penguins Of North Pole City.🐧 Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog…

Christmas In February: The Alluring Aroma Of North Pole City

The minute you enter North Pole City the sweet scent alone inspires enchanted visions of all things Christmas. The redolence can vary depending on how close you are to any one source of a given aroma. The Downtown district often fans forth the most festive flavoring of sainted scents. No matter where you are the smells bring about instant serenity down to your very soul! Amazingly enough, these pleasant odors aren’t random. There are Aroma Artists who direct natural scents and magically manufacture those where needed. They are Enchanted Elves tasked with creating an aromatic atmosphere in The Spirit Of Christmas. Even if that requires molecular manipulation of the holy air.🎅  Read The Rest Of The Serene Story On Our Christmas Blog…