Did Santa Claus Ever Fight Jason Voorhees?

Friday, October 13th, 1989

Santa Claus’s battle with Jason Voorhees amid the 1989 Halloween season took place in Ohio. Santa ended up saving a group of teenagers who decided to spend a spooky Friday The 13th night at an abandoned summer camp. Naturally, they thought it was all good fun to invoke the nefarious name of Voorhees thinking he wasn’t real. To their shock they found out he was very real! Jason then went after them with a murderous vengeance! Their shrill screams echoed through the cold shadowy woods as they found themselves in a living horror movie!

The first potential victim was about to be slain by a sharp implement as his friends looked on in terror. They tried to intervene but were easily tossed aside by the living dead menace. Frozen in fear they prepared to witness their friends death and flee into the dark forest. At that moment Santa Claus rushed from the brush and punched Jason in the face so hard he flew right through a tree losing his blade in the process! Santa screamed, “Run my children and don’t ever look back!” Indeed they scurried away and made it safety home.

Santa had been in the area dropping off Elves who were scouting locations to hide magical energy reserves and mystical traps. These are essential in dealing with the Anti-Claus and his annual attacks during Santa’s Christmas Eve gift delivery’s. Jason arose and stomped toward Santa with intent to kill! Father Christmas held his hand forth and said, “Jason you still have a shed of child like innocence in you! You were never allowed to grow up!” I can release you from your demonic bonds if you allow me to infuse The Spirit Of Christmas within your dark heart while I introduce some of my soul to heal you. If you do this then you have my solemn promise that together we will march into the bowels of Hell and free your Mother from bondage! Despite both your crimes against humanity you can be redeemed and find peace in Heaven someday! Take my hand and begin the journey into your salvation. End this nightmare for all concerned my son!” Read The Rest Of This Horrifying Tale On Our Christmas Blog…

Santa Claus Captured, And Interrogated By The Government!

Thankfully, Santa Claus wasn’t actually captured by the US Government. However, the video above is what might happen if any government got hold of Old Saint Nick and had the power to keep him contained. Santa Claus is amazingly number one on the US Government secret Supernatural Most Wanted List. He’s on it merely because anyone with paranormal power is considered a threat to the safety of the United States. They aren’t sure what he is but they conjecture he’s an alien of some type. In reality, he is a holy Demi-Angel, aka Angel-Human Hybrid. Naturally, the US government doesn’t seem to acknowledge angels as real entities yet they do classify various demons.

How Can Santa Claus Be Captured?

If captured Santa would have to be mystically weakened for the hypothetical interrogation. Next, there would be the harsh experimentation, and cold scientific study of Santa to discover the secret of his powers. In order to capture him, they would need to employ a virtual armada of supernatural beings that would have to include powerful practitioners of magic. Most likely they’d enlist the aid of the Anti-Claus. The Anti-Claus is Santa’s evil twin brother who was once a demi-angel but turned to the dark side thus becoming demi-demon! He is the only one with the power to hurt him as he did in The First Battle Of Armageddon.  As number four on the government’s Paranormal Most Wanted List, they might work out an immunity deal in exchange for Santa’s capture. It wasn’t that long ago that the government thought Santa and the Anti-Claus were the same guy due to their appearance. Although, they believe the two are linked in nefarious terrorist activities!

The Infiltration Of North Pole City!

Thankfully this scenario was completely beyond ludicrous until July 25, 2016, when agents from the US Paranormal Defense Agency penetrated North Pole City! a confluence of unfortunate events led to the weakening of the cloaking spell that hides Santa’s winter wonderland from the world. Agents had already been actively scouring the north for the “Claus Assets” lair and they found it! A supernatural SWAT team attempted to take Father Christmas into custody but they were no match for his armada of almost god-like powers within the holiest place on Earth. In the end, they were expelled and never located North Pole City ever again! Some within the government continue to believe Santa is an alien with various psychokinetic powers while others believe he may be a powerful Warlock.

North Pole Solar Eclipse

On June 10, 2021 northern regions, including the North Pole, experienced an Annular Solar Eclipse. An Annular Eclipse occurs when the Moon is far enough away to not completely block out the sun thus creating an alluring Ring Of Fire around it. On the other hand, a Total Eclipse blocks out the whole sun creating spooky darkness! Although there was a Total Eclipse on March 20, 2015, North Pole City wasn’t in the path of totality and only saw about 77.7% of the Sun covered. Interestingly enough somewhere far away within the dark path, the Anti-Christ was born that year!

North Pole City Astronomy

During the various Solar Eclipses, there are holy ceremonies that take place at North Pole City. The Ring Of Fire around an Annular Eclipse is actually considered unholy light. Vampires and other demonic creatures of the night are free to roam about the day during such an astronomical event.  The light is made unholy due to filtering through the Moon. This is the same paranormal process that aid in Werewolf transformation! When the eclipse occurs at Saint Nicholas’s heavenly haven the Christmas Star deviates from its normal figure-eight pattern at the highest point in the sky. This is directly above the giant Christmas tree at the center of the winter wonderland. The holy star sinks low to the horizon just before the eclipse and remains there until the event has ended. The world’s only sky-embedded star then rises back to its blessed position once again. In the photo at the top of this page, it is the white light surrounded by pink skies to the left. Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog…