Was Slender Man Defeated By Gypsies In 1900?

Did A Mystical Gypsy Tribe Win A Victory Over The Seemingly Invincible Slenderman In The Year 1900?
1900 Turn Of The Century SlendermanWe believe there is compelling evidence that the shape shifting Slender Man, the most prolific supernatural serial killer of the 21st century, was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire which later became Czechoslovakia, and is now the two sovereign nations of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For centuries he has targeted innocent humans by inflicting the Slender Sickness upon them.  A paranormal psychosomatic disorder through which the Slender Man is mentally linked to a person in order to control them like a puppet.  This causes mental, and physical anguish, along with eventually forcing them to kill others, and commit suicide. 28 year old Czech artist Jaroslav Panuška appears to be one of his victims in the year 1900.  His artwork from that period is clearly disturbing, and conveys various supernatural images.  Some of which resemble a naked Slenderman.  It’s safe to assume he hadn’t yet donned the modern business suit yet, and perhaps he was even in a naturalist phase of his diabolical life.

One of his works in particular may be a true caricature of Slender Man while some of the Slender Sicknessother ones with faces are a result of Slender Sickness delusions.  “Death Looking into the Window of One Dying”, pictured in the top left of this article, is clearly the Slenderman stalking a victim.  We believe this is when Slender was witnessing the impending death of victim through the window, and noticed Jaroslav Panuška watching him.  Slender doesn’t like people sneaking up on him, and probably took deep offense.  From that point Jaroslav began the torturous decent into the hell that is Slender Sickness.  This inner mental anguish is depicted in his artwork to the right.  The faceless Slenderman only has a face in the minds of those suffering from his mental puppet mastery.

Since Jaroslav died at the ripe old age of 86 in 1958 he clearly was cured of the Slenderman’s Sickness.  Humans with Slender Sickness generally only last months, and usually not over a year.  He certainly never killed anyone or committed suicide.  So how did he beat Slenderman?  Not on his own of course!  Our research indicates that a powerful tribe of Gypsies, nomadic Romanian practitioners of magic, were traveling through the area, and they found Jaroslav staggering on the side of a road disoriented, and distressed.  They took him into their encampment, and he found himself in the refuge of their leader known as a Shuvani.  Her name was Cosmina, and she was puzzled by the stubborn illness that defied all her herbal, and mystical remedies.  It was unlike anything she came across in her 74 magical years of life on Earth.

Meanwhile Slenderman grew impatient that his puppet was being kept from him.  In the
dead of the night he slithered into the Gypsy camp.  When he went inside the tent to reclaim Jaroslav he was faced with Cosmina standing face to face with him along with over a dozen other Gypsies behind her.  All giving Slenderman their infamous evil eye as they chanted a powerful Gypsy curse upon him.  In a previous article we mentioned how magic is hit, and miss when it comes to the Slender Man due to him being an outside player from another dimension.  Thankfully in this case the full brunt force of a special powerful Gypsy curse seemed to do the trick.  Although his preoccupation with Jaroslav caused him to not kidnap any kids for some time.  A requirement for him to be at full paranormal power since the innocent magic of youth is what fuels him.

Sweet Mystical Gypsy GirlAs the Gypsies chanted, and pierced his faceless form with their magical eyes that began to glow green, he sprouted his trademark sharp tentacles ready to choke them all.  At that moment the evil eye curse hit him, and he fell to his knees tentacles retracting.  Slender felt his life force draining away as Jaroslav, in an adjoining tent, was surrounded by mystical crystals, and incense, with gypsies chanting a channeling, and healing spell upon him.  A spell that drained dark energy into the crystals, and channeled the pure innocent energies of Slender’s child victims contained within him into Jaroslav. Slenderman badly wanted to teleport the hell out of there but he was too weak to even shape shift.  He couldn’t even stand under the weight of the dark curse, and the draining of his life force.  Just as they were about to kill him some massive unseen energy surge blasted into the Gypsies, and they fell to the ground in pain.  Slender then crawled away in defeat never to be seen in those parts again.  Despite curses not sticking to him in the same way they do to humans, it’s thought the curse prevents him from having any power over that particular tribe of Gypsies along with Jaroslav, and his descendents .  Jaroslav made a full recovery, and continued to showcase his Slender experiences in his artwork.  The Gypsies weren’t seriously hurt by the mysterious energy surge, and made a record of their experiences for future generations.  We recently uncovered these secret documents, and that included psychic insights into what occurred.

So more or less the Gypsies used Slenders link with his victim, coupled with being
powered down, against him.  It’s good to know he has some weaknesses.  Although we imagine he learned his lesson, and makes a better effort to stay hopped up on kid power.  We conjecture that the surge of energy that saved Slender came from the energy link controlled by his extra-dimensional people who sentenced him here.  Since he was sentenced to life on Earth for eternity as a prison sentence it’s safe to assume his people didn’t want anyone else overriding them, and pronounce a death sentence on Slender.  Some manner of mystical automated inter-dimensional detection must have sensed Slenderman was about to die, and it protected him from the threat at hand.  Unfortunately that’s not good news for any of us.  Slenderman can be hurt, and severely weakened, yet apparently can never die!  At least his parallel dimensional brothers didn’t leave us totally defenseless against his attacks upon us!

Reflections Of A Slender ManThe Mystic Investigations team went up against Slenderman to save a child from his evil clutches on July 4th, 2014.  We must have been close to terminating him because we were all jolted by a massive shock wave of supernatural energy that allowed for his escape to take place?  This unexpected development led us to research the paranormal phenomenon which in turn led us to the first piece of Gypsy information dealing with Slenderman. Hopefully the Slenderman Assassin, a being from Slender’s parallel dimension, might have an insight into how to override that protection process, and finally eradicate this menace to humankind.  Or at least send him far away from here!  Thus far the Assassin hasn’t been able to catch up with Slenderman.

So if someone you know is being tormented by Slenderman then your best bet would be to seek out some authentic Gypsies of Romanian origin!  Although it’s throught that Gypsies got their name from Egypt, and may have actually originated from the mystical annals of Ancient Egyptian history.

You can view Jaroslav Panuška other works of disturbing Slenderman inspired art at:

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