Why Can Some Ghosts Be Seen In A Camera But Not By The Naked Eye?

Why Can Ghosts Be Photographed Yet Not Be Seen By Humans? How Ghosts Interact With Our Reality.
flash-photoGhosts that can only be seen with cameras, or other types of electronic equipment are simply phasing into our reality outside the range of visible light. Human eyes can only see visible light.  Visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation like that of Radio waves, Microwave radiation, Infrared radiation, Ultraviolet, X-Rays, and even Gamma Rays.  Ghosts phase into our reality by directing their astral energy bodies into the energy strings that are the foundation of matter.  This extra energizing of these vibrating strings causes photons to form.  Photons are the foundation of electromagnetic radiation, and the ultimate source of light in this Universe when vibrating in a certain frequency range.  So as a ghost, or other higher dimensional non-corporeal being, phases into our Universe they first produce radio waves.  These radio waves may interfere with radio or television transmissions along with possibly creating verbal communications from the ghost.  This is known as EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  As it gains supernatural strength via the absorption of environmental energy, the ghost will next produce Microwave radiation which can cause interference in a number of electronic devices.  Then the entity enters the infrared spectrum, and may be picked up by some cameras but not to the naked eye.  However more frequently the infrared manifestation is picked up by thermal imaging devices.

As the ghostly being enters the visible light spectrum we can finally see them without the aid of any ghost hunting devices.  Usually they appear as vaporous transparent forms.  Ghosts seen by the naked eye are rare because it requires so much energy to acquire, and maintain a visible state.  Due to the energy required they will appear for only a short time.  In fact many times they appear, and disappear in the blink of an eye.  So we miss seeing it but our camera may pick up the other worldly image.  Even rarer would be a ghost that appears to be solid due to having a dense concentration of photons like that of an advanced hologram, or Star Wars Light Saber.  Theoretically it’s possible for higher dimensional beings to surpass the visible light spectrum, and phase into the Ultraviolet which is what most Angels produce.  Then into the dangerous X-Ray arena, and extremely dangerous Gamma radiation department.  There are only a few recorded instances of extremely powerful demons, and poltergeists producing actual gamma rays due to the energies of their hate filled rage.

Types Of Electromagnetic Radiation

NameWavelengthFrequency (Hz)Photon Energy (eV)
Gamma rayless than 0.01 nmmore than 10 EHz124 keV – 300+ GeV
X-Ray0.01 nm to 10 nm30 EHz – 30 PHz124 eV to 124 keV
Ultraviolet10 nm – 380 nm30 PHz – 790 THz3.3 eV to 124 eV
Visible380 nm – 750 nm790 THz – 405 THz1.7 eV – 3.3 eV
Infrared750 nm – 1 mm405 THz – 300 GHz1.24 meV – 1.7 eV
Microwave1 mm – 1 meter300 GHz – 300 MHz1.24 µeV – 1.24 meV
Radio1 mm – 100,000 km300 GHz – 3 Hz12.4 feV – 1.24 meV
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    • Various psychic abilities. Those who truly believe in the supernatural, and are more pure of heart tend to see ghosts. Small kids, and animals see them the most. Also people with healthy Chakra’s channeling in the maximum metaphysical energy into their bodies see ghosts as well. People with healthy pituitary glands may also see more ghosts. In some cases the ghost might be vibrating at a frequency close to the viewers soul frequency. This especially includes family members. Strong emotional bonds with the deceased can also cause them to be visible.

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