Why Are Haunted Houses So Cold?

Why Do I Feel A Chill Around Ghosts & Poltergeists?

Haunted HouseOne of the signs of a haunting non-corporeal presence in our reality is the quintessential temperature drop, or even that momentary chill we feel. Certainly if you’re suddenly seeing your breath in what you thought was a warm room then we suggest leaving the building immediately! Of course always check to make sure the air conditioning didn’t just switch on. Ghosts, and poltergeists, generally draw energy from the general environmental vicinity they are attempting to materialize in.  This includes siphoning thermal heat energy in the area the ghost is manifesting in.  As thermal radiation is drawn from the environment air molecules slow down causing the temperature to drop rapidly.  Depending on the strength of the haunting source there is the dangerous potential to reach Absolute Zero! Thankfully this is something only seen in powerful poltergeists, and demonic entities.

The average ghost generally only brings the temperature down to slightly below freezing if they’re in an area for a decent length of time.  Since ghosts usually only stay in one room of a building for a short period the temperature may not get below 50 Fahrenheit.  Clearly when we’re talking about the outdoors, or well ventilated rooms in the summer, the temperature drop will not be as significant.  If the thermostat reads the room being warm but you’re suddenly deathly freezing then there’s a chance something is attempting to possess you!  Any higher dimensional being, including an advanced energized ghost, can take over your mind, and body against your will!

Can Ghosts Produce Heat?

As mentioned previously powerful paranormal non-corporeal’s such as Demons can bring Demonic Hauntingtemperatures down to deadly below zero temperatures.  Even halting all air molecule movement unintentionally, or on purpose to give us Absolute Zero.  However such extra powerful entities with higher dimensional power roots can in fact dangerously heat up the environment as well.  A demon can easily bring a room to the boiling mark within seconds.  A sudden massive heat increase is a gravely dangerous sign that indicates something far beyond a ghost.  Even an extremely angry ghost probably couldn’t exceed the room temperature much past 120 Fahrenheit. And that is a very rare occurrence. Most of the time massive increases in thermal radiation indicate a very active demonic presence, and hellish unholy flames could spark forth at any moment!  Exiting the facility, and contacting your nearest ghost hunter, paranormal investigators, exorcists, or high level witch is the safest course of action. Ironically in some cases burning the place down is the best course of action, and will prevent any further demonic infestation if one chooses to rebuild.  Just be sure to have a real Priest bless the flames holy for a complete cleansing of the grounds.  A continued blessing of the fire hose to insure only holy water is used to put out the flames is another extra layer of protection for the future.

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