Do Human-Ghost Hybrids Exist?

Human Ghost HybridA Ghost is a deceased human who has yet to ascend to Heaven as an Angel. Often the product of a traumatic life, and/or death. In some cases the result of unfinished business in life. In rare instances they are those who refuse to move on to the Afterlife through sheer will. So is it possible for a Ghost to mate with a human to create a Half-Human/Half-Ghost entity? Amazingly it is possible! However only a living human woman can conceive the miraculous metaphysical child. Whether by male ghost, or a female possessing a woman thereby using her as a surrogate. There are three methods of paranormal creation for this enchanted event. Higher dimensional entities with immense power can perform an “Immaculate Conception” through elaborate metaphysical manipulation of reproductive organs to create human hybrids of their own kind. Fortunately this is actively opposed, and enforced by Angels, and Archangels! Generally this is something only high level Gods are capable of.

Immaculate Conception Via Ghost
The performing of the Immaculate Conception by a Ghost is almost unheard of because they are usually confused, and sex is the last thing on their minds once released from the biochemical hormones of their biological body. Also it’s beyond unlikely a ghost could muster up the metaphysical energy requirement nor know how to even accomplish such a perplexing procedure! Plausibly true soul mates might be able to accomplish this in lieu of the enchanted energy requirement via the unique intertwinement of their souls. There is only one instance written in the secret supernatural record of such an amazing occurrence. That being the story of a newlywed couple in the 17th century who wanted to conceive a child on their first night together. However as they made love on their honeymoon a vicious set of men broke into their home, and brutally murdered the husband. As he lie dead on the floor one of the men wanted to force himself on the horrified wife.

Amazingly he became an instant ghost fully aware of what was going on. Generally ghosts are in a delusional daze. Not sure of what has happened to them at first. His clear conscious state may be attributed to the enchanted energies of love being generated right at the point of his death along with being linked to his soul mate. He violently charged his energized metaphysical energy body through the two men causing a biological electrical disruption that knocked them out cold. He could have conceivably possessed one of them but he was beyond repulsed by their despicable nature. His wife ran from the house to the safety of neighbors.

Her ghostly husband tried to make contact with her for days as she mourned his death but he was deeply depleted of energy from his psychic attack upon the men. In the end justice prevailed with the filthy fiends being hanged a week after their heinous deed. He eventually felt the pull of Heavenly forces as the white light to the afterlife would appear every so often. He resisted it as he had unfinished business. That being the conception of a child. Two weeks after his death the heart broken husband aligned his body with that of his wife while she slept. He sunk his entire ghostly body into hers, and wished with all his heart that she would become pregnant. He found himself within her sleeping dreams where they made virtual love, and said their final farewell to each other. Then he felt a shocking jolt, and was expelled from her body as she awoke suddenly from her pleasant dream. He could psychically feel she was with child. At that moment he ascended to Heaven while briefly visible to his tearful wife. Nine months later she gave birth to a supernatural son. A Ghost-Human Hybrid named Gideon. He is still alive today. Gideon is the most powerful, and famous of Ghostly Human Hybrids. He’s currently the Deputy Headmaster, and top professor at the famous Ghost School in Glasgow, Scotland.

Biological Form Ghosts
The second method of human-ghost hybrid creation is for a ghost to actually transform their spirits into a pure biological form for direct procreation. Again Angels actively thwart these efforts. The act itself sets off alarms in Mother Nature as an unnatural entity comes into existence. A Ghost accomplishing this is virtually impossible. It requires a complicated interface with nature where molecular components are taken to create a new biological body! The closest most ghosts could come to real procreation is to posses their former dead body, and come back as a Zombie Ghost that’s sometimes called a Sapient Zombie. In this case it’s very important to get to the body before too much decay occurs. Still it’s possible to muster up enough enchanted energy to regenerate. Ghosts with enough power can also manifest in a pure energy light form that can sometimes solidify briefly. Even scarcer is the ability to attain a metaphysical matter form. Naturally these unusuals forms would be incompatible for mating with a normal human.

Ghost Mating With Humans Via Possessing Another
The most common method of creating human hybrids among metaphysical, and non-corporeal energy entities is to deeply possess a human, and then mate with another person. The possession involves the infusion of the entity into the human’s brain and entire body. The mind must be possessed completely to the sub-conscious level, and the body to the point of altering the DNA to that of its potential supernatural biological state. For instance we know that deep demonic possession can create vampires when they mate with a human. The humanity dilutes the genetic potency enough so as not to create a Demi-Demon, or Demon-Human Hybrid.

When it comes to ghosts clearly a mere possession would be enough since they were human to begin with. However the genes would be that of the body, and not theirs. It is plausible that the vibrational frequency of their spirit could alter that of the body to be more in line with their genetic composition. This would require a lot of energy, and knowledge of this information by the ghost. As a former human it’s not likely they could accomplish this. The most probable scenario is a strong willed ghost who hasn’t moved on because they have unfinished business. They then forcibly impress their soul within a human body to put their plans into play.

The Ever Living Ghost Hybrid Dammed To Haunt The Earth Forever!
A Ghost-Human Hybrid is considered a living dead entity that is Immortal. The body is a fully functional biological form like that of a standard genetic Immortal. However the mechanism of Immortality is the ghostly infusion of metaphysical energy densely absorbed throughout the body. Their body is living but their ghostly form is dead. What you get is a truly balanced being. In a way this immortality is a curse because the ghost, or soul, within it is spiritually anchored to the body which is in turn anchored to the Earth. In essence the entire Earth acts as their haunted house they are trapped in. They can’t travel the grand expanse of time, and space by taking a spectral form. They can’t even leave the planet in a future of almost certain interstellar space exploration! They’ll never be able to move on to the Heavenly realms of the afterlife!

Not only are Ghostly Hybrids immortal but they’re amortal. They can be injured like any human immortal but will heal almost instantly due to the amazing astral energies surging furiously throughout their bodies. Although unlike human immortals they can’t catch any known disease. Due to the rapid healing the only way to supposedly eradicate a Human Ghost Hybrid is complete incineration, or beheading. At that point it would seem they should simply haunt the Earth as a full fledged ghost. However there is a dynamic dual intertwinement between body, and soul far greater than a standard human. Inexplicably through an paranormal process not fully understood the biological body will reform out of thin air! This also happens when they temporarily revert their body to a full ghost form at will. They may try to will themselves into a far superior metaphysical matter form but this is still considered the ghost in them, and there is a requirement by Mother Nature to have a human biological construct. It’s thought that the haunting of the Earth is intertwined with the life force of Goddess Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. This life force causes the need for a bio-form. Each moment they utilize their natural power of being a full fledged ghosts the titanic force of Mother Nature compels them back into biological format.

The lonely destiny for the Ghost-Human Hybrid is to walk the Earth for countless billions of years even past a time humanity, or any life no longer exists here! Their personal hell only ends when the planet ends. Such as complete destruction by the ever growing Sun in the next 5 billion years! In all likelihood the complete incineration of the Earth will finally release the permanent ghost in them to the great beyond where they can rest in peace! Or perhaps explore the vast Universe in all its glory!

The Paranormal Powers Of The Ghost-Human Hybrid…

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