Do Frozen People Go To Heaven?

So far the science of Cryogenic Freezing, when it comes to brains, heads, and entire bodies, is limited only to the freezing side. That is to say the thawing of a corpse causes damaging ice crystals to form in the cells thereby ending any hope of reanimation. Only small tissue samples have been thawed intact thus far…at least in mainstream science. There are rumors of highly expensive top secret private, and government projects that have revived humans, and animals with sometimes shocking results. Certainly supernatural freezing techniques, including those with highly advanced Cryokinetic Powers, have frozen and unfrozen people to favorable fruition! The hope of freezing humans at death is to bring them back to life when a cure for what killed them is found. That includes the aging process. The fallen frozen ones who will never see life again now reside in the higher dimensional afterlife some call Heaven. However those who will be successfully revived are a different story.

You Can’t Trick The Universe Into Thinking You’re Dead!
You’re either permanently dead in this Universe, or your not. Since the afterlife of higher dimensions resides outside of time it sees our entire reality as one point of time past, present, and future. If you’re temporarily dead here then you’re seen as still alive from Heaven’s viewpoint. There’s no coming back to spill the secrets of the afterlife to everyone. Clearly no brain activity is taking place in a corpse, and a consciousness cannot reside in a dead body. Nor can our pure metaphysical or non-corporeal consciousness ever be shut down! Therefore it must be active somewhere that doesn’t include the afterlife. Paranormal research indicates that all frozen people who will come back to life someday are in fact Ghosts!

The most damning evidence of the ghostly frozen come from reports by those with Cryokinesis. People they froze in battle, or for other reasons, did indeed appear to haunt them in spirit! There are also suppressed reports from various Cryogenic Freezing companies who have had to hire paranormal professionals to consistently cleanse their facilities of ghosts. A cleansing process that proves to ultimately be futile as the ghosts are psychically linked to their bodies in the extreme.

The Frozen Congo Ghost
The most famous frozen ghost is The Congo Ghost. It’s the story of one of the first known cases of Cryokinesis in approximately the year 200 BC. A young tribesman discovered his Cryokinetic powers in a moment of anger against an attacking tribe. He inadvertently froze himself solid. As he was his own source of refrigeration there is nothing that could ever thaw him out. Not even hot lava! Magic was attempted at some point but it wasn’t strong enough. His people interpreted his state as a miracle, and he was kept in a temple hut for hundreds of years until an invading tribe stole him. They saw him as the tribes lucky charm, and as the source of their bad luck. They buried him deep in the Congo Rainforest never to be seen again. To this day he haunts those traveling through the forest. The ghost has been known possess a variety of jungle animals. Sometimes with violent results. Possession of people has also taken place but he can’t maintain it when the people are eventually taken away far from his frozen corpse. Various supernatural expeditions have attempted to locate the frozen Congo Ghost for the purpose of thawing via powerful magics. Clearly since he’s an active ghost it indicates that he will be unfrozen back to life someday.

The Metaphysical Price Of Being Frozen
If you’re planning on being Cryogenically Frozen then be sure you’re prepared for life as a Ghost for decades or even centuries! Most ghosts are formed by traumatic lives, and/or deaths. For a long time they are often in a confused state, and not sure what is happening to them. Some are more cognizant when their ghostly state comes from serious unfinished business, or an insane will to live. If you had an average life with a common cause of death then you will be quite aware of what is going on. Especially if you’re reading this article now!

Unfortunately you will be far more metaphysically chained to your body than a normal ghost. The longer they live the more likely they can break free of their haunted house, and eventually explore the world. The Earth itself being the ultimate haunted house! The facility your frozen form resides in will be your haunted house to which your spirit is tied secondary to your body. It will take a great deal of time, energy, and practice to break though the walls, and walk invisibly into the outside world. However the farther you stray from your body the weaker you will become. Even if you absorb enchanted energy sources like a standard ghost. You’re simply too anchored to a body that will be alive again someday. Venture too far, and you will be snapped back violently!  Plausibly a five miles radius is the furthest you could go. Unfortunately the unique state of the corpse put a cap on the freedom of Astral Projection.

If you choose to be frozen then decide if living the lonely life of a ghost for potentially centuries is worth being alive again. More than likely a life in the fantastical future when immortality is achieved thus allowing you to exist for thousands of years! If that is the case then it’s probably worth the hardship! All we ask is that you be kind in your possession of people, and animals. A fine art acquired by all long lived ghosts! Unfortunately you will most likely not remember your time as a ghost on the conscious level. However you will have dreams about it, and may eventually recover memories via sub-conscious retrieval techniques such as Hypnosis.

Find Your Guardian Archangel To Guide Your Life On The Right Path!

Another concern of being revived after cryonic death is the fact that your brain could be used in any number of science experiments. You could wake up to find yourself in an animal body, as a Frankenstein, or even as Robocop!

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