How Old Is The Vampire Dracula?

Although mainstream history can’t pin down a precise date for the birth and death of Dracula, aka Vlad the Impaler, supernatural sleuths have figured it out. Vlad III Prince of Wallachia was born May 30th, 1431 in Transylvania within the Kingdom Of Hungary. He was a cruel ruler responsible for countless bloody deaths. As a human, he finally fell dead on the battlefield fighting the Ottomans at Bucharest, Wallachia on January 3rd, 1477 at the age of 45. King Of The Vampire Kingdom Dagan found the prophesied “Chosen One” and brought him across into the dark eternal sanguine shadows. From that day forth he would be known as Dracula. A powerful second-generation vampire with the rare ability to practice malevolent magic. As of 2024, Dracula is 593 years old! For 547 of those years, he’s been a living dead vampire!🧛

Dracula’s Birthday Party

Naturally, Dracula always throws a birthday party in his own honor at his Transylvanian castle. It usually begins at the Witching Hour with a human sacrifice for good luck! All invited guests are expected to appear with glorious gifts in tow. Vampire Knights are sent forth to dispatch offenders who refuse to attend with extreme prejudice! Those who displease Dracula with their less-than-stellar gift can look forward to an extended stay in his dungeon of damnation! If they gravel enough they may live. The high-quality human blood flows freely among the food drenched in it as well. The alarming reality is that most of the food is made out of people! That being said, there are welcome human guests among the vampire royalty. Those Dracula considers bewitchingly unique or on the fast track to vampirehood. Immortal Humans are the most prized partygoers. They’re considered a gift and fear not in their choice of a birthday present for the Dark Prince.

The blasphemous blood birthday cake complete with candles includes a violet colored one that is pure unholy light. Some say it’s an actual ferocious flame coaxed out of the bowels of Hell! Dracula blows it out to make his birthday wish in the Devil’s name. Top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics say he usually wishes to be a Prince Of Hell serving at Satan’s side. The Blood Prince then opens his gifts before dancing with most ladies in attendance. One or more may end up in his bed chambers spending the day with him. The party ends just after the Devil’s Hour as those vampire guests head home before sunrise.🎂

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