Can Zombies Walk Up Stairs?

Some might think the thought of Zombies climbing up steps as a little too human considering their walking dead state. However, zombies can indeed navigate staircases in a rudimentary manner. Normally they will stagger about on relatively flat surfaces with the occasional stumbling and even tripping over bumps and obstructions. They mostly ignore steps unless there is movement or a smell coming from the direction of the stairs in question. Certainly, you shouldn’t believe running up steps is an escape to freedom when a horde of zombies is chasing you!

Fortunately, they will move slower and many times they end up crawling rather than walking up steps. If the staircase is going down then there’s an excellent chance the zombies will trip and fall down the flight. This, of course, means they will catch up with you quicker. Unfortunately, the fall won’t really hurt them. The ones suffering from advanced rot may lose some body parts but that sure as hell won’t stop them from going for you! Running up steps quickly and then hoping the rails back down to the next staircase can be a distracting evasion maneuver.

You stand a better chance on moving escalators which confuse the hell out of them thereby giving you a pretty good chance of evading the cannibalistic corpses. Elevators can be great places to trap them but on the other hand a dangerous place to be if cornered by a number of living dead. Naturally during a zombie apocalypse the power would be out and these options would be closed to you.

During a zombie apocalypse you should exercise caution in stairwells as there could be zombies trapped on landings between floors. Once whatever lured them there has ceased they’ll just lurch back and forth in place and eventually freeze following their natural behavior of avoiding the steps. This is only the case if doors are present since operating knobs is beyond their comprehension. Newly minted zombies may have some residual instinctual memory of using the steps when they were human. These zombies would therefore not avoid staircases. Thankfully those memories fade quickly!

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