The History Of The Devil Documentary

A documentary about Hell, and the Devil based on human religious beliefs. In reality, we in the real paranormal community know that people don’t go to hell if judged evil after death. When the evil die they just die, and never exist again. The worthy live on in Heaven in Angel form as a super being who is the collection of their selves in all the parallel Universes. A person cannot be judged on this one short life. They need to be witnessed under numerous multiple scenarios. Eventually, human Angels ascend to Godhood and create their own Universes and sentient beings.

Hell is simply a place where the Devil, and demons exist. They are in a way jailed there but those with enough will can gain access to this world. Hence the unbridled evil that exists here along with the demonic possessions, and demonic-based supernatural beings. Exceptionally evil individuals are invited to Hell, and in some cases, ultra evil humans are born with their souls already in hell just as the good already have their souls existing in Heaven. However keep in mind that these few people like Hell, and love to be evil. Nobody goes to hell against their will. In fact, a person destined for Heaven can choose to go anywhere if they like.


A Living History Of Zombies

Discussion of Zombie history, the potential for a zombie virus outbreak, and its ramifications on modern society along with how to defend yourself against a zombie. By no means is this the complete history but rather what the mainstream establishment knows about zombies. The real history is cloaked in mystery, and known only to a limited number of paranormal professionals, and supernatural beings. The first known zombie formed by the supernatural zombification virus was created by accident in Ancient Sumer in approximately 4129 BC. The zombie virus came into existence when a new mystical embalming process was used on a man who was thought to be dead but rather in a deep coma. Since magic was around far before that it stands to reason that the dead rose form their graves before that as well. However, it was kept under control until the zombie virus was accidentally let loose upon the Earth to run rampant.


Syrian Goddess Atargatis Manifests In A Bewitchingly Beautiful Form


After an extensive investigation, we have discovered that the infamous ancient Goddess Of Syria, Atargatis, has returned to Earth in a beguiling physical form that is currently enchanting many thousands of viewers on Youtube.  She goes by the name of “Syrian Girl” presumably to adhere to The Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  Her mission seems to be the exposure of the New World Order and saving the citizens of Syria who she adores.  Despite the lack of worship in modern times, she promised the ancient Syrians who worshiped her that she’d always protect them, and their ancestors for all time to the best of her abilities.  However, like other Earthly Gods, their power fades in this reality as worships declines since the power of human pure thought via their souls nourishes the Gods and Goddesses.  Now the strife in Syria has led to many calling out for help from the Heavens.  Atargatis, aka Syrian Girl, has heard the cries, and with all the power of her sheer will, she materialized within our reality ready to do what she can.

With limited powers, she cannot simply take down the vast sea of evildoers who torment her people.   Her current powers are more localized and akin to an amazing super-human. She has gone out onto the streets and taken down several dozen armed men at a time but that just isn’t enough.  So she started a Youtube channel and is currently utilizing her amazing charm, and enchanting beauty to educate the masses on the real stories behind the violence in Syria, and around the world.  All of which are linked to the NWO, and the nations they control.  As the legend of Syrian Girl and her true Goddess identity grow so does her power.  It’s only a matter of time before the human believers refuel her Goddess powers, and allow her to exact vengeance on those who would wish her Syrian brothers, and sisters ill will.

The Factions Of Supernatural Evil Amass Power As The Forces Of Good Prepare For A Fight

Rumors indicate she is in talks with other Earthy Gods, which include various Pagan, Greek, Roman, and others.  The ancient Gods aren’t happy with the Illuminati, including their demon, and alien allies, who wish to drake the globe in a cloak of eternal darkness that will wipes out the vast majority of humankind, and enslave the rest forever.  The Gods and Goddesses feel this is their planet, and their people to rule over in a mostly benevolent manner.  Certainly, the Earth itself, the body of the Goddess Gaia, has had enough of the Illuminati’s evil corporations, and governments desecrating her while also creating hell on Earth for countless humans in third world countries.  This is why we see ever-growing Earthquakes and violent weather around the planet.  As Armageddon comes to a head the various paranormal factions fight for global supremacy.  They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Heavenly Faction: Including the Omniversal God, and Angels.  Many human, and supernatural forces of good stand with them ready to serve the cause as well.  On Earth, the recognized leader is Santa Claus.
  • The Illuminati Faction:  Which is lead by the Devil, and his demonic minions.  On Earth, human royals, and billionaires are his instrument for destruction.  This includes the various mega multinational corporations and banks which control many of the governments on Earth.  Reptilian aliens from Andromeda originally evolved on ancient earth, have t thrown their hat in with them as well.  The vampire royals and other evil paranormal entities also back them as well.
  • The Earthly Gods Faction:  They have yet to unify, and define a command structure since Gods don’t often get along well with their huge egos, and delusions of grandeur due to the power they wield.
  • The Anti-Claus Faction: Santa’s Clauses evil twin brother, and his magical minions wish to rule Earth as well.
  • The Dimitri Diablo Faction:  He wishes to take over the planet virtually alone with his amazing Sorcery powers.  However, he does have allies as well.
  • Extraterrestrial Factions:  Various other aliens wish to take over Earth.  This includes the infamous alien abductors known as the Grey’s who recently seemed willing to work with the Illuminati.
  • Inter-dimensional Being Factions: This includes the Jinn, aka unbottled-unlamped Genies, sometimes seen as shadow people in our dimension.  There are also other beings of unknown origin.

So as you can see Syrian Goddess Girl has her work cut out for her in this dangerous paranormal planet infested with forces of evil hell-bent on destroying humanity, and the jewel of the Milky Way, Goddess Gaia Planet Earth.  We wish Atargatis all the best in her quest to save Syria, and humankind as well.  We here at Mystic Investigations stand ready to enter in battle with her at our side to repel the factions of diabolical forces whose nefarious plans must be halted at all costs to save us all!