The History Of The Devil Documentary

A documentary about Hell, and the Devil based on human religious beliefs. In reality, we in the real paranormal community know that people don’t go to hell if judged evil after death. When the evil die they just die, and never exist again. The worthy live on in Heaven in Angel form as a super being who is the collection of their selves in all the parallel Universes. A person cannot be judged on this one short life. They need to be witnessed under numerous multiple scenarios. Eventually, human Angels ascend to Godhood and create their own Universes and sentient beings.

Hell is simply a place where the Devil, and demons exist. They are in a way jailed there but those with enough will can gain access to this world. Hence the unbridled evil that exists here along with the demonic possessions, and demonic-based supernatural beings. Exceptionally evil individuals are invited to Hell, and in some cases, ultra evil humans are born with their souls already in hell just as the good already have their souls existing in Heaven. However keep in mind that these few people like Hell, and love to be evil. Nobody goes to hell against their will. In fact, a person destined for Heaven can choose to go anywhere if they like.

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