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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of darkness.

Haunted Halloween Hallway Of Horror

It all seemed like innocent spooky fun as Halloween approached. A Halloween hallway of half-hearted horrors amid a classic haunted house. Unfortunately, at some point, the costumed innocents doling out the funny frights were taken down with macabre malice! All … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Club 13 & The Work Witch Halloween Song

 The video above features the Halloween theme songs that are sweeping the supernatural nation! Apparently, it’s the most requested song in exclusive underground nightclubs and rocking raves around Halloween that only cater to those within the true paranormal community. … Continue reading

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Sometimes Halloween Can Be Too Scary For Kids!

 👻Martha Stewart’s idea of Halloween seems to be quite disturbing for these clearly scared kids in the video above. Young kids can be quite perceptive and perhaps they could sense her witchcraft powers. In the paranormal world, we know … Continue reading

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Do Wicked Witches Have Green Skin, Hook Noses, And Warts?

Are there wayward witches with sickly green, or grey skin? Also the other quintessential signs of wicked witchery such as warts, crazy long hook noses, facial deformations, glowing eyes, and claws?  Yes, it’s true that such witches and warlocks exist.  … Continue reading

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