Is Every Science Fiction Horror Movie Real In Another Reality?

Yes, all characters and storylines of various movies could be real in Parallel Universes. Certainly, quantum physicists believe we live in a Multiverse of nearly infinite Parallel Universes that could encompass virtually any scenario. Top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics have confirmed a number of film franchises are a reality in these alternate worlds. There are also Microverses, or bubble Universes, inadvertently created by the Human Collective Consciousness. The power of mass non-corporeal belief, or just mere thoughts, about a work of fiction, can bring it into existence in a world out of phase with our Universe. These Microverses are often composed of metaphysical matter or even non-corporeal matter in defiance of the laws of physics we are familiar with. Powerful magic could potentially to bring people, creatures, or things through to our reality. However, it is possible they would become unstable at the quantum level and simply vanish after a period of time.

The Manifestation Of Microverses Through Mass Imagination

Within bubble Universes, the characters would look just like the actors who play them in the movies or television. While they would look different most of the time in Parallel Universes. Although there are some cases where they look the same by mere chance or the actors themselves have a different life that makes them that person. The storylines would take on lives of their own beyond the works of fiction. Naturally, reality has to fill in the blanks of every moment we don’t see on screen. However, in the Microverses the story would be more exact and might even repeat itself rather than going on into the future if there’s no further content to draw from. Eventually, the bubble reality would fade and evaporate as it leaves the public mind after several decades or centuries. There are also rumors that actors and writers could potentially be drawn into these worlds when they die. Especially those method actors who really got into the mind of the characters they were playing. A short stop in the afterlife before moving on to Heaven after the fictional reality disappears.📽️

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