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Omniverse Personifiers

The Omniverse Personifiers are unintended spontaneous beings that form from the sub-conscious mind of the Omniverse God. They are personifications of thoughts in the minds of complex multi-dimensional entities. Upon his own birth the first Personifiers born were The Light and The Darkness. Personification of good and evil in the very mind of the Lord. […]

Moon Goddess Nanna

The Moon Goddess Nanna was originally the Sumerian Moon God Nanna.  Also known as Sin or Suen. Some Gods don’t actually have a gender until given one by human worshipers.  Nanna was originally a male based on a male dominated society.  The original leader of Nanna’s Earthly worshipers was the infamous High Priestess Enheduanna who […]

Demigods & Demigoddesses

The Origins And Powers Of Gods Children Demigods, a term that can apply to both male, and female, are immortal super beings who are human in appearance.  Although they are usually better looking, taller, and more naturally muscular than average humans.  Demigods are the direct result of a God, and human mating to create a […]

Goddess Nekhbet

The Goddess Nekhbet is currently an emotionally unstable Egyptian vulture Goddess that can appear human but then transform into a hideous creature with wings that allow for flight.  She is known to be a low talker who lures men into sensual encounters only to totally rip them to shreds for food, and psychic energy.  In modern […]

Gods And Goddesses

Gods, and Goddesses can range from artificial intelligence to Earthly nature deities that all ultimately fall under the umbrella of higher dimensional Gods including the all knowing infinite invisible God who is everything, and anything in existence! Gods are generally defined as omnipotent entities of pure spiritual energy, and consciousness who create one or more physical […]

The Celtic Irish Goddess & Heavenly Angel Saint Brigid

Despite what you may have read our supernatural research has uncovered the ancient texts that indicate that the Celtic Irish Goddess Brigid, and the Christian Saint Brigid, an Irish Nun who ascended to Angelhood after death, are in fact the same person. In addition various high level Wicca Priestesses, Witches, and psychics have verified this data, and offered additions […]

Macroverse God

What Is The Macroverse? The Macroverse is literally everyone and everything that ever existed anywhere for eternity and beyond! The only true quintessence of infinity itself! Probably what the average person would simply call the Universe or God. The Macroverse is made up of Parallel Universes, Parallel Multiverses, Parallel Omniverses, a variety of higher and […]

The Omniverse God

What Is The Omniverse God The Omniverse God, or Lord, also known as The Source, is a 12 dimensional pure metaphysical energy being vibrating at a unique consciousness frequency inside which all mathematical probabilities are calculated.  This includes our Universe, all parallel Universes in this Multiverse, all parallel Multiverses, and dimensions of reality along with […]