The Purpose Of Existence

In lieu of any spiritual beliefs or an extra enchanted state of existence unseen, the only reason to exist is to survive and perpetuate the human species forward into the future. The end game is to propel future humans to some Godlike state as they reside in a paradise Utopia. Hopefully, to develop fantastical technologies that would allow biological beings to ascend to higher dimensions of existence and actually become Gods. That leaves countless billions as mere mindless cogs and cannon fodder languishing in the hellish annals of history thus becoming nothing more than Dust In The Wind. All so an elite class may reap the rewards in the future. These lucky immortal or amortal souls of the future won’t earn their status but rather inherit it from all those who died before them! Let us hope they appreciate our sacrifices and use their Godly powers to save us. In essence, lend some truth to the various afterlives of the religions people believe in if it wasn’t already there. The creation of a higher dimensional afterlife via the temporal resurrection of every person, and animal, who ever lived on Earth! Ultimately, everyone who has ever existed in the entire Universe before it meets its own maker!

The Ultimate Reason For Existence

Outside of that the purpose for existence is to collect experiences and information that will be collated with yourself in every Parallel Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and higher dimensional beyond. This as you presumably merge with your other selves to become a more complex and wise being. Plausibly this wisdom and knowledge are apart of an ascension process of continued growth that propels you to the Macroverse promised land. Most likely where you started to begin with as odds are slim you were born as an evolved animal in this infinite reality. Nor is this the first time you ever existed. This final destination would be your source and true home where you actually exist as your one true self!

You Put Yourself In This Life?

After your consciousness came into existence you scattered yourself into countless pieces raining down into the dimensions below. This life is one of those pieces. After being home for a time you decide to experience it all over again. Then like watching TV reruns you don’t fully recall you go back to relive every life in a perpetual cycle. Who wouldn’t want to go back and relive various past events again? Of course, there are just as many things we wouldn’t want to do over again from this limited perspective. From our higher dimensional viewpoint perhaps there is no pleasure or suffering. No good or evil. Just a curiosity and thirst for existence in all its forms. For all we know we’ve all been through several cycles of near-infinite lives thus far! [Twitter]

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