Moon Goddess Nanna

The Moon Goddess Nanna was originally the Sumerian Moon God Nanna.  Also known as Sin or Suen. Some Gods don’t actually have a gender until given one by human worshipers.  Nanna was originally a male based on a male dominated society.  The original leader of Nanna’s Earthly worshipers was the infamous High Priestess Enheduanna who was also known as histories first Writer. She eventually became a powerful fourth generation vampire who is still alive today living under the alias Duanna Sargon. Upon entering her second life Duanna was forced to halt her duties as High Priestess by her overbearing sire Meistiensos. Although it’s rare for vampires to worship Gods of any sort.  Especially since most Gods would want nothing to do with these demonic based creatures. This even includes dark Underworld Gods.

Once Duanna was free of her vampire father she returned to worshiping Nanna. Unfortunately, Nanna had long since weakened due to nobody worshiping him anymore.  At this point Nanna was in a dark void as a mere wisp of a consciousness, without a gender, holding on for dear life! Duanna resurrected the God through the awesome metaphysical energies of her vampirical powers. This caused Nanna to be resurrected in her image which is of course female. This femininity was further solidified by the mostly female worshipers Duanna enlisted to further power up the once magnificent lunar deity. These include some vampires, witches and humans. In essence Duanna created a religion known as Nanna’s Worshipers Of The Lunar Light (NWLL). Goddess Nanna didn’t seem to mind the gender change as she rarely took biological form to begin with.

Today Nanna is revered as an ancient Goddess among the other lunar deities who holds sway over the Moon during any given month. As a member of this higher dimensional family she enjoys extra power when she is called upon by Duanna or her other followers for help. She works with them to quell the demonic urges in Werewolves who fall prey to the Full Moon. We can thank Moon Gods and Goddesses in general for the werewolf menace not being ten times worse!