The Church Of The Holy Light

Father Tom Davis’s church and residence. It is the most popular church in Woodland Springs. Mystic Investigations source for holy water, crucifixes, crosses, and Bible’s used in the battle against evil. The church of light is a safe haven for those seeking shelter from the forces of darkness. This is why the Church is open 24-7 even if nobody is on duty. When the clock tower strikes 12:00 PM, the high noon Angel Hour, the church bells can be heard ringing throughout Woodland Springs each day. The bells also ring every Sunday morning at 7:00 AM to alert the town that church service will start in one hour. In addition, the bewitching bells bellow forth at Midnight on Christmas. There’s also a hidden room in the basement where exorcisms take place. The church grounds include The Woodland Springs Cemetery run by the Woodland Funeral & Mortuary along with donations from church parishioners.

Incidents At The Church

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