What Is A Philosophical Zombie?

Philosophical ZombiePhilosophical Zombie’s, or P-Zombie’s fill in the cracks of reality that souls simply can’t.  They are the glue of the Gods that binds the human story together. A Philosophical Zombie is an entity created mostly by higher dimensional souls that outwardly appears to be a normal human being physically, and mentally based on how it interacts with us.  In reality they are nothing more than an automated responsive puppet sewn directly into the fabric of the Universal reality.  The P-Zombie is a soulless creature devoid of consciousness that merely reacts to it’s environment as dictated by a set of programmed criteria.  This programmed criteria decides how it will acquire information from it’s reality, and how that will be Incorporated into it’s program.  The P-Zombie program also mandates how it will react to biological, and psychological stimulus so it’s true nature cannot be ascertained even by the most brilliant of doctors, and scientists.  However in the world of the paranormal certain gifted psychics, seers, mystics, and those with special supernatural powers can perceive this artificial incursion into our lives.

The Philosophical Zombie is usually a tool of higher dimensional Gods who create our Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, and ultimately the Macroverse (Everything To Infinity).  Simply put there are situations within a certain close set of parallel Universe’s that are implausible, and would never occur in reality courtesy of our free will.  Since Gods spend their eternal existence collecting knowledge, and calculating mathematical probabilities these scenarios must take place.  Naturally when you expand into the vast differences seen in simultaneous multiple existences within parallel Universes we more or less do just about everything to an extent.  However the P-Zombie is about things that simply wouldn’t take place in a series of virtually similair Universes.  One of the most common uses of a Philosophical Zombie is in the area of unrequited love.  If you’ve ever seen an incomprehensible couple that seems totally implausible then odds are one of them is a P-Zombie.  There are also various things we would never do under any circumstances yet the Gods slip in one of their puppet zombies that appears to be us doing what we never would.  In addition the free will our souls command gives us the power to choose if we want to be born into any given life.  If we refuse to exist in a given Universe then a Philosophical Zombie is put in our place. It’s also been said that 100% evil human spirits are eradicated from higher dimensional existence, and replaced with an automated P-Zombie in all physical Universes.

A Philosophical Zombie is not the same as someone cut off from their soul by higher dimensional entities, extremely powerful practitioners of magic, paranormal curses, or rare supernatural stimulus. Generally a person cut off from their soul becomes a cold-hearted serial killer whose actions are based upon their animal instincts.  They still have consciousness within their human animal body but are missing the God component that makes us Animal-God Hybrids.  Without a soul we’re just intelligent evolved animals with no moral code to create a stable society.

P-Zombies can also be created by powerful practitioners of magic, those with Author Authority powers, Tulpa creation powers, and other special supernaturals. In some cases those spotting their Doppelgangers may have just glimpsed upon their Philosophical Zombie possibly created for nefarious purposes! When one has the rare experience of coming face to face with their P-Zombie of an Earthly creation, rather than a higher dimensional source, it can be destroyed.  You must walk into it from behind, and occupy the same space.  P-Zombies created by someone in our physical Universe aren’t as powerful as a God created one.  You should theoretically be able to physically phase into it, and absorb it into yourself at the metaphysical astral energy level.  Those who have mastered Astral Projection may be able to briefly inhabit their P-Zombie in order to ascertain whose behind it’s creation. This knowledge could very well save your life if you become involved in a real life Philosophical Zombie nightmare!  Always contact a paranormal professional if you’re unsure about the supernatural nature of your reality.

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4 thoughts on “What Is A Philosophical Zombie?

  1. What other traits are common to philosophical zombie aside from “an incomprehensible couple that seems totally implausible”. I’m actually interested in spotting these philosophical zombies. Too bad I’m not a psychic. Are people without common sense are one of them? Or people who talks about random topics out of the blue?

    • The most commonly identifiable characteristic of a P-Zombie is their implausibility. There are countless Philosophical zombies meant to blend in, and only a supernatural individual could identify them. So someone who just seems fake, out of place, or does things that are inexplicable could be a P-Zombie. A person lacking common sense or mindlessly chatter’s about random topics out of the blue could just be a mentally deficient socially awkward idiot but yes there’s a chance they could be a P-Zombie as well.

        • A P-Zombie is somewhat similar to a computer program. It’s plausible the advanced nature of the entity could cause it to gain self-awareness unless programmed specifically not to. However once it becomes self-aware it would no longer be a P-Zombie, and would never believe it was. It would have all it’s past memories, and believe it made all those choices.

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