Does Santa Claus Eat All The Cookies And Milk Left For Him?

Over the centuries there have always been those individuals gracious enough to leave Santa Claus some treats. Even his reindeer would be gifted with carrots and other veggies by some. However, the tradition of leaving milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve came into play during The Great Depression of the 1930’s. A parental lesson for kids to know it was important to give to others in need and show gratitude for the gifts they receive. This spawned an increase in equivalent refreshments left for Santa in various nations around the world. In addition, those of us in the supernatural community sometimes leave letters to Santa on our triumphs in battling the forces of darkness. In some cases, they leave various mystical gifts for Father Christmas. Practitioners Of Magic are known to leave crystals and other objects spell imbued with good luck.

In a supernatural survey of 1000 people, we discovered that all treats are finished to the last crumb. This includes all milk and other beverages vanished to the last drop. So does Santa actually consume what amounts to tons of cookies and milk around the world in the course of one night? Although he does share some with the two helper Elves who join him on his journey, he in fact does consume the vast bulk of the food!

Even though his Angel half doesn’t require food, his human half only requires it to an extremely minor extent. In reality, the raw power of his Angel DNA could sustain him forever without food if he willed it to be so. However, he enjoys eating food and doesn’t want to be rude by not eating what is left for him by kids and parents. His powers allow him to consume this amazing amount of food very quickly. His unique physiology turns it into vast amounts of enchanted energy that he especially needs on his Christmas present deliveries. As his body is 100% efficient there is no pesky waste product. This is fortunate because as you might guess tons of food and drink would equal one heck of a massive dump!

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