Does Santa Claus Teleport Down Chimneys?

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As a Demi-Angel Santa Claus has access to many special supernatural powers. One of these includes teleportation. A power he most famously uses to gain access to homes on Christmas Eve. When a chimney is available, he uses a lesser form of that power to enter through it. Clearly, it’s less effort to teleport through open space rather than going through walls. This necessary conservation of power is why he doesn’t simply teleport everywhere with his four-dimensional bag of gifts. Santa wisely utilizes his sleigh to fly about the skies via his levitating reindeer. His lifeforce is intertwined with The Spirit Of Christmas and he wants the Spirit to have maximum power to spread peace to humankind. Not to mention righteous reserves for those of us battling the forces of paranormal darkness. This is also why Santa devours cookies and milk in millions of homes. He’s choosing to refuel that way rather than delve into the Christmas Spirit.❄️

Santa Claus Teleportation