Even Santa Poops…..NOT!

Unlike the imposter in the video the real Santa Claus does not poop nor does he produce noxious gasses. As a Demi-Angel, Angel-Human Hybrid, Saint Nicholas does not require food to survive. Although his human half does crave it. His digestive system is supernatural, and 100% perfect. Everything he ingests is utilized by the human half of his body, or transferred into Angelic energy. The same Angelic energy that allows his human components to survive without sustenance. More or less he could theoretically eat anything without any negative side effects. This includes insane things such as a chunk of steel, some uranium, or even a cup of hot lava. If you’re one of the unfortunate beings on this planet that must endure the indignity of defecation then you probably need the product in the video above to mask the hell of your smell. LOL! Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is the perfect stocking stuffer for most humans, aka Animal-God Hybrids, on your Christmas list!

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