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What Does Santa Claus Do On Mardi Gras?

The high octane holiday of Mardi Gras is known for its perplexing partying laced with rampant revelry deeply infused with drunkenness and lascivious behavior. Certainly, the hallowed Saint Nicholas and the blessed inhabitants of North Pole City don’t partake of … Continue reading

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Santa Claus’s 2012 Valentines Vacation Battle With The Anti-Claus!

For Valentines 2012 Santa Claus & Mrs. Holly Claus took a romantic vacation in Hawaii.  Their kids Nicholas, and Mary are at home in North Pole City being watched by trusted Enchanted Elves.  Holly took the picture to the left of Santa … Continue reading

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Did Santa Claus Ever Meet Jesus Christ?

Yes, Santa Claus has indeed met Jesus Christ, the first son of the Omniverse God, on several occasions. This includes the one time Santa was in Heaven upon his death at the hands of the Anti-Claus on December 6th, 343 … Continue reading

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Does Santa Get Supernatural Gift Deliveries?

Does the Earth’s ultimate gift giver get Christmas presents himself?  Naturally, Santa Claus, a Demi-Angel Saint, receives many gifts at Christmas. His own family leaves him gifts under the tree. This includes Mrs. Holly Claus along with his son Nicholas, … Continue reading

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