Does The Star Of Bethlehem Still Exist In The Night Skies?

The Christmas StarThe Star Of Bethlehem, also called the Christmas Star, did not fade away after the birth of Jesus Christ so many centuries ago.  It moved north by the hand of Angels ready to guide the Demi-Angel Santa Claus to his find destination on Earth.  The location where he would build his home base North Pole Village.  Everyone can see Polaris, the North Pole Star, which shines bright in the night skies above Santa’s home.  However the Christmas Star shines many times brighter, and keeps things well lit during those long winter months devoid of the Holy Sun.  The Star of Bethlehem is actually a conduit to Heaven, and the light that shines forth is pure holy light direct from Heaven rather than the holy light of the sun which is filtered through the higher dimensions, and translated through photons.  This purest of holy lights provides the ultimate protection against those who would bring evil within the sacred winter wonderland of the Great Claus.

The Christmas Star follows an infinity symbol, or figure 8 path, across the skies directly overhead at Santa’s holy winter wonderland.  This symbolizes the eternal nature of God, Angels, Heaven, and even Saint Nicholas.  The star reaches it’s zenith directly over the center of North Pole City acting as the literal star at the top of the gargantuan Christmas tree below.   The zenith is reached every 12 hours at Midnight, and Noon.  It is the basis for the Christmas Time Zone at North Pole City. In addition on Christmas itself Santa’s Father, the Archangel Sarandiel, ascends downward at the same spot sending forth an even more lustrous luminosity!

The Bethlehem Star can only be seen from within the protective glittering ice walls of North Pole Village which are themselves supernaturally cloaked from the human world.  However many in the world of the paranormal can see it as they near Santa’s inner sanctum.  It acts as a beacon of hope, and guidance to lead the worthy into the placid paradise.  The light of the Christmas star radiates warmth, love, peace, and happiness upon the good citizens, and visitors of the North Pole City further cementing it’s reputation as the happiest place on Earth.  May it shine upon their sainted souls forever, and may it one day shine upon us all around the world once the final battle of Armageddon comes to pass ushering in a new era of direct Angelic rule!

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