What Is A Demi-Dragon?

Do Half-Human Half-Dragons Exist?

Demi DragonA Demi-Dragon, or Demidragon, is a Dragon-Human Hybrid that looks like a scaly humanoid reptile dragon.  In essence a sapient heavy set bipedal Dragon man or woman who can be between 9, and 12 feet tall weighting in at 1-2 tons.  These titans of terror have razor sharp teeth, wings to take flight, and can blast forth limited quantities of scorching hot unholy fire from their mouths.  It depends on how much fresh meat they’ve eaten recently.  Meat that can be any biological entity including humans which they can devour in mere minutes even faster than a Demi-Demon!  Realistically as with Werewolves once you see a Demidragon you’re most likely already dead!  They can run at speeds topping 100 miles per hour, and rip you in half like a dry twig.  Thankfully these horrifying nightmarish monsters are beyond rare, and the odds of you coming across one are astronomical.  Most of them are currently thought to exist in the Underworld.

A Demi-Dragon is formed when a Weredragon in their dragon, rather than human, form procreates with a real dragon.  Besides another dragon a Weredragon is the only other supernatural species than can mate with a dragon besides a biological Demon in the flesh.  A Demon-Dragon mating merely yields a fire breathing demon but most demons have that power anyway unless they’re weakened in some way. A Demidragon born from a female Dragon is always larger than one born from a female Weredragon.  Also one born from a Weredragon has more of a human like face while one born of a dragon is more monstrously reptile like in nature. Once a Weredragon female becomes pregnant she remains in Weredragon form for the term of the pregnancy regardless of exposure to holy sunlight.  A Weredragon with Demi-Dragon child is pregnant for two months before birth while a Dragon with the same child comes to term in less than a month.  Most Weredragons who return to human form have no memory of being pregnant, and are shocked when approached by their Demidragon child.

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