December 8, 2022

113 thoughts on “Warning To All Ask Mystic Members!

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  2. Oh my gosh…. that is horrible. I am happy that no one was killed and that Duanna saved you. I was certainly not trusting of Bor3dom’s statements, but I never thought anything that severe. Come to think of it someone was in my head for a few days trying to get me to open up and let go of concerns I have about whatever part of me is vampiric. They said they were Duanna, but now that all that has happened, I seriously doubt it.

    1. There’s a chance you may have been fooled by Diablo or perhaps sold your soul to him when he was the King Of Hell, and the Devil was in exile? Perhaps for wealth or fame? Now you’re bound to serve him. We’re not sure what to completely make of you yet but we do know you’re linked to Diablo in some capacity. You have some level of power that Diablo is taking advantage of and channeling for his nefarious deeds.

  3. Bor3dom ..I don’t know what to say or think anymore! I do side with Mystic Investigations. They are my trusted friends on here. I just met you and the very same day I met you. All hell broke lose in my life! I seriously don’t know what to think. You’re cousin and family are very messed up. I hope you have a team on your side! if you are innocent. I do not want war. I hate it.

  4. Im a hell spawn it tends to happen but I am fighting for the light and I have a team of being that will win the war for the light, we have almost won just a few more days stay safe all of you, I have endure much suffering for the fate of humanity but the light is very close to winning my sacrifice will have been worth it, and Dimitri came after me but I have taken care of his forces for now but they will come for me again

  5. Doubt it all it doesnt matter, turn on me I dont care your just proving to me that my family was right about compassion, and do you realize that I have more power than any being on Earth, The reason I was in the vision is because I am the King of Hell and will soon have enough power to take over the entire Universe. I wasnt behind all the astarl attacks but you can believe what you want because of the torture I have endured I cant go to the astral world I can simply power those who can.

  6. -sigh- awesome. Compassion doesn’t have much to do with doubt. If you have been lied to for a large portion of your life, even loved ones become subject to scrutiny. I believe what you say to a point. In large part it is just how I analyze things. The likelihood that I would turn on anyone is low, as I do not wish to cause undue trouble. Heh, I would assume your name isn’t eddie?

  7. Bor3dom.. I have a bad feeling.. When you said you’re the king of all HELL.. Well that would equal = Dimitri or the Devil. hmm.. If you are Dmitri. You have seriously disturbed the balance of this world. If you cared you would have fixed our problems here, not try to conqueror Earth and all parallel universes. Including Haven. Just saying if you are him. I’m not impressed! Only one I know of that has that much power is Dmitri.

    If you even listen to your family then go ahead. That tells me you are as shallow as them. Compassion comes from TRUST! Common sense. Something all Illuminati lack! Trust is earned with patience.. Then you’ll gain virtue! You don’t get compassion without the rest. You just had a very bad start. Your cousin seriously messed it up for you! Either way I can’t help you! I’m giving my powers away.. to one I know who can control it and who will fight for the light as well. I just wish everyone would get along!! I’m not here to fight.

  8. I merely became king of hell so demons would no longer attack humans, and Dimitris power is compared to mine is like comparing a bug to a lion. Dimirtri has the Anti God Complex he only wants to make himself powerful, while I have powered many beings and made them superior

  9. Well Dmitri even tried to take my power and he couldn’t. Perhaps I can’t even give it away! I just hate being attacked and man handled in a violent way. Being bitten harshly doesn’t fly with me. Bitten like a nibble in passion that I can handle. I am a Reiki Master so I’m able to channel some energy to help heal people and the paranormal. (I can heal ghosts of there inflictions from their deaths.)- That’s normally all I use my powers for is good! To help this world. I try to heal the oceans, rivers all water. Fix the holes in the ozone. Increase the Earths fields so the sun don’t destroy our crops. And stop fierce tornado’s. I have healed people with serious diseases. At least I bought them more time with there families. Would my powers even work for the dark?

  10. Nathan I have dragged Demons to a prison in hell or a hellish place. I have the power to do this. I shape shift into a large dragon type creature. When I lick them they burn. I’m super holy. I doubt any of the dark would dare try to harness this power. You’d think it would destroy them all together. I don’t even know what I am. Mystic Investigations have helped me allot! I guess I should just continue what I’ve been doing. Protecting this world and the innocent. I never start the fights.. Normally I get attacked.. The demons think I’m only a human and attack me. Then I transform into something they can’t escape from. What is that?

  11. Or battle angel.. I have no idea. But every single time. They always under estimate me and attack! They get a very rude awakening!!! The last one he was squealing like a pig all the way to hell.. And yeah I enjoyed inflicting pain upon him on the way… Like licking him so he could burn! In that form I am much meaner.. Not like I am now in my human form. I was like the Medusa. I know that the churches have Medusa on there churches. They say in legend she is the protector over the innocent. I’ve been doing research about it. Also about a few weeks ago I heard a demon say “She’s only Human” I chuckled.. Yeah you’ll find out I thought! Bring it on!

  12. Also while I am in that form. It’s as if I’ve done it before many times. And I know my way around pretty well. I don’t now. But while it’s happening it is like I know exactly where I’m going. Maybe I”m the police in the afterlife? I have been trying to figure it out. I just demand peace! At all costs. If the demons refuse I will take them there.

  13. The reason I am so heartless towards the Demons on the way down.. I sense there is absolutely no redemption for them. They feel no remorse. Not only that.. I saw exactly what they did to there victims. Killing entire families for there pleasure! I saw children etc. That really outrages me. When I was a vampire in a past life. I saw that I went through a prison wall and took out an evil man. I seen that he raped and killed little girls. When I got a hold of him. I bit in and then… As I was biting him. (Feeding off him). I felt his relief and I could feel he wanted redemption and wanted to be punished for what he did. etc. And that haunted me enough to remember now! That human wanted redemption. Not saying all demons are created the same. There was one other demon who showed me his side of the story! And he wanted revenge for what the churches did to him when he was reborn. They burnt him alive! I’ve said enough.. Too much! You better not be apart of Dmitri that’s all I have to say about it.

  14. Oh wow whitewolf… you’re pretty scary when you want to be. All I can say on the topic of demons is that they don’t seem to leave me alone usually :p the only time that they don’t is when they think they are super powerful. I mean, im not nearly as strong as you, but I can be pretty scary too sometimes. Lol

  15. Whitewolf you have had visions of the White Dragon because you can become the white dragon I hate Dimitri and all that he stands for My family sold my soul for wealth I have no heart for demons either and all those who are evil will feel my wrath for all the torture I have endured

  16. Bor3dom, if you could, please explain to me whatever im getting snippets of, and feeling? If it has anything to do with you that is. It has nothing to do with a dragon. Especially not white.
    …maybe its a memory again. Idk.

  17. Bor3dom, I have seen the white dragon. It’s not me. I might be of a dragon. I know I can transform into something like it. But THE White dragon is something entirely different from me. I’ve met it. It wants to be born so it can fight for the light! Perhaps through me. Just that I don’t have a man. So that’s not possible. I’ve thought about a sperm donor. I have one picked out at a sperm bank. But that’s so risky.. Not to mention there are other beings who want to be my daughter such as the a girl who is described as the RING girl. I am afraid to have anymore kids since all this. I prefer to have the white dragon. Not the other. And I rather be with a man who loves me and wants a kid etc. Not the sperm donor. Either way.. I just wanted to tell you I’m not that white dragon you are in search of. Maybe I am only apart of them… which is the light. I have no idea what I am.

    I’ve also had many past lives. Died in battle etc.. good vs evil. I’m being stubborn about having another baby. Since I want a normal life with a good man.

  18. I am not really sure Kinadra I have been taking in alot of dark energy in hopes that people will begin to understand their gifts and who they are destined to be

  19. Bor3dom, This has already happened to me once already. I wish to have the child myself and raise it into the light! I can’t have another bare the child for me. It’s a long story about what happened. I won’t say it in public. Mystic Investigations already knows about this. I’ve been robbed once already! I can’t take another time. I’m happy with having one of my own. I don’t mind going through all the labor pains etc. I have a high tolerance to pain .. I went through this before without any pain killers. Not saying it didn’t hurt. I just wanted to make sure the babies were healthy and not drugged up! I’m a very protective mother. I don’t want to have a baby if it’s going to reek complete havoc upon this earth. Only someone who is of the light. The white dragon. Is the dark dragon opposite? I’m assuming it is.

  20. Heck I am happy just having a normal human being without any super natural powers. You know what I mean. A baby is a baby.. pure and simple. That’s so much weight to bare on a kids shoulders. Born to fight in a war of good n evil. Just feels crazy that all this is happening. Why I came here to talk to Mystic Investigations about it. Why I’ve held off on having the baby.

  21. I have been undoing alot of the Illuminatis black magic so people will begin to realize what abilities they are capable of I am not sure what you are getting snips of Kinandra but it should become clear soon, and Whitewolf there is no one powerful enough to father both dragons and have them fight for the light but me

  22. Since you’ve said already that you were destined to have the Anti-Christ! That scares me … I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do at the moment. I’m sure Drake is upset at me now for talking so much! After they warned me not to.. I just am being honest and I don’t want war. I’m a true peace keeper.. Why I’m still talking.

  23. The two dragons growth will be sped up 100 times that of a normal child, and your right it is very risky to have a child because they can go either way, but having been raised by demons I know what to do so they stay in the light

  24. All of it is risky Bor3dom. And what if we did this and had the dragons. Then the Illuminati decide they want the babies and kill us both off. Then the world would be doomed. That’s the gamble I am thinking about! I’m not doubting you.. or your abilities to have the dragons or pushing them into the right direction’ the light. I just can’t bare the thought of anything going wrong! But at the same time I do want a baby. So I can’t win.

  25. I was meant to be but I have chosen to father Christ instead my soul belongs to Jesus’ daughter and I will never betray her and I will fight and slay any evil that tries to hurt her

  26. I’ll tell you what I would agree to.. If we did that. Duanna and Drake would have to be the god parents. I trust them. And they don’t even know me well enough to agree with that. But I trust them. I do not trust your family.. Either way this is freaky. And too much could go wrong.

  27. I have already contacted my grandparents and all twelve families they have agreed to give half of their wealth to me in exchange that I do not reveal them.

  28. I am sorry Kinadra.. I will go to my email now and check your letter. It’s okay about last night. I normally stay up till 1am.. ask Drake .. Rebecca & Xavier. lol I normally send energy at that time. It’s just that it was my bed time. You are not a burden so don’t worry about it. Send me a letter anytime k.

  29. But it’s important to me that Duanna and all Mystic Investigations would be a huge part of this. Since they are of the light. If the Illuminati (You’re family) ever found out. I don’t trust them. And that is why I’m probably not going to do this. It’s a huge responsibility for the well being of our people .. our earth. The light!

  30. Interesting what you can miss in a few weeks, eh? I hope you guys at mystic investigations are okay.
    @whitewolf, Kinadra, Bor3dom just out of curiosity, what would you guys think of doing a portal spell(just asking) to teleport us to Woodland Springs?

    1. Yes we’re fine. We bounce back from attacks. Naturally we don’t report stuff like this to the police but someone reported sounds of screams, broken glass, and odd sounds. We had to tell the local cops it was a random gang of vandals. The county Sheriff is our friend so he knows the real story.

      Portal spells are very dangerous, and hard to master. The main danger being that it could open up anywhere. 30,000 feet in the air, in outer space, in a lava pit underground, in another time, on another planet, in a parallel Universe, and anywhere else you can imagine. If you’re able to work it out then you’re welcome to stop by our offices.

  31. My grandparents sold my soul before I was born, I was meant to be one of 13 vessels I have no desire to help Diablo I just wish for peace I have had a hard life, I am tired of fighting

  32. Hi Magusstar, I’ve opened portals before.. but not for my own being. I’m able to open portals for others like ghosts. And I’m good at closing them as well. Like a medium. I wouldn’t do this for anyone alive! Just in case what Xavier stated above might happen. Or were you kidding? 😉 How about we all pitch in on an RV and drive there lol. That would be fun. Or fly! I really love to travel so.. I’ve driven through Colorado Springs before & the mountains. It’s so beautiful there.

  33. Nah, was not kidding. People might not believe me but i can open physical portals, though at my current strength i can only teleport things the size of small ants so far. I tried a ring once but i got a pounding headache then a few days later i used a quartz crystal to store energy and tried it again and it worked 😀 But i agree with Xavier, those spells are seriously not easy to get to work 🙂

  34. Oh I would love to travel out of California. Desert sucks! After so many years, you crave forests. Plus so little shade sucks with light color eyes.

  35. Magusstar, That’s pretty incredible that you can do this. The closest I’ve done.. Well I was close to a ghost. I can’t say his name in here. I shouldn’t. You won’t believe me any how lol. He’s famous. Anyhow, He would show himself to me in astral. I asked him to prove it some more to me that what I am seeing is real. I felt like I was going crazy! So he did. He scared the crappola out of me. lol I was changing my bed sheets.. And as I flung them up into the air.. they drifted gently down and I looked at the bed.. There was a naked man laying faced down on my bed under my covers! OMG!!! I ran out of my room lol I was like holly crap!!! Then I peeked back in.. he was gone. I realized this was his way of telling me I’m not crazy! “I thought nice butt”… then realized it was a ghost’s butt”.. lol 😉

    After that.. I felt more confident. I then gave him allot of energy. He was with me day and night. Was great!! I didn’t feel so alone. Well I did a mental projection. I would envision a Door with a lock. I gave him this key. Only he could access my energy levels. When he did this. He could walk in our world as if he were alive!! He was showing up as I’d walk into Walmart.. it was a blizzard and there he was standing in front of walmart in his black trench coat. He would also show up at Apple Bee’s.

    This was so amazing to me. I tried to show my husband.. He seen him..And he’s so skeptic he didn’t want to believe it was real. Anyhow, he has not come back since my husband yelled at him.. He said Angela’s MY WIFE DAMN IT! I said hey’…… Don’t do that. Now he won’t come back! Now I am alone again! Was so nice to have him around. I probably shouldn’t be telling anyone about it. But.. this meant allot to me. Those are the types of portals I can open for ghosts. And he’s the only one I’ve done this for. I trust him. He’s a good man. Not a demon.

    Hi Kinadra.. Yeah I’m highly sensitive to the sun as well. I wear sun block 😉

  36. I would wear sunscreen, but that stuff stinks. Lol. As for that ghost, your husband needs to learn how to be nicer. You seem to be a magnet for supernatural stuff like me :p

    I still don’t know what exactly I am though :p waiting for an answer still in the supernatural category. Oh, and also I emailed you :3

  37. Hi Kinadra, 🙂 Try adding your suntan lotion to a cocoanut lotion. Or your favorite lotion. I also don’t like the smell, it helps allot! I use an 80 proof sunblock. They do have odorless as well. But the best stuff to buy is the baby safe sun lotion. Smells better and less chemicals. I love the smell of Banana Boat lotions. 😉

    Hi Bor3dom, Nathan.. I’m good. How are you? I’m so hungry for med rare steak now.. I’ll probably run to the store and get some. I want to enjoy this nice weather before it’s gone. 😉 I love grilling out!

    Kinadra,.. I’m heading over to my email now. I apologize I haven’t been in there for a few days. Listening to Metallica One! I love that song. You guys have a fun weekend. Hi Drake.. :)) Wish I were closer.. I’d come over and have a drink with you in the morning. My Coffee and your fairy’s blood. Watch the sun rise. I bet it’s so beautiful there.

  38. It was a question about what I am. What I think is probably most likely for my situation. 🙂 I wanted to see if it is feasible and if you guys think its correct

    1. Most of our team just attended a token church service to appease our colleague Father Tom. I was cringing at the religious artifacts, and probably looked like a paranoid fool. He even thought I was possessed when I accidentally touched a Bible, and my hand smoked. Then he insisted we attend the church brunch. At the brunch I sat there eating nothing while clearly looking out of place. I think the Father took offense, and thought I was a snob who wouldn’t eat his parishioners cooking. Now we’re back at Mystic Investigations headquarters discussing what you may or may not be. We’re around a large table in the center of our paranormal library with stacks of ancient texts scattered about as we search for the answers you seek. Zack Powers is perusing the internet on your behalf as well. He seems a bit annoyed that he’s missing out on swimming at the lake with his friends but he has to learn that a professional career in the paranormal is a 24 hour job that never sleeps. However he doesn’t seem to feel as bad since I told him a lake monster was spotted there recently. 🙂

      1. You didn’t look as odd as Father Tom. His parishioners must think he’s a perv after he dropped that communion wafer down my cleavage baring dress. Then he reaches into my dress to try, and retrieve it. I mean I wasn’t even wearing a bra for the love of God. He virtually felt everything! It’s probably the most action he ever had in his whole life! I swear he dropped it on purpose, and then he was a nervous wreck as he tried to fish it out. An old lady nearby gasped, and said,”Why I never!” Afterward I heard Tom in the confessional praying to the Lord for forgiveness, and say some Hail Mary’s.

          1. He went to the sub-level to check on our caged zombie in Ashley’s lab. There’s no need to be jealous. So what if a Catholic Priest totally felt up my bare breasts? Is that really surprising? The guy felt guilty about it, and has asked the holy Lord for forgiveness. I think he’s suffered enough here. Let’s just move on, and leave this behind us Xavier.

          2. I guess you’re right. I do feel bad that Father Tom still struggles with his love of the Lord, and that of scantily clad women. The whole thing is kind of funny. 🙂

  39. Thank you so much! All of you. Im so surprised and happy you guys take such care in answering peoples questions. 🙂

    As for the church thing, that sucks for you drake, must have been .so awkward. And worrisome

    1. After extensive analysis of beings with similar traits we’ve come to the conclusion that you’re an original supernatural being. The first of her kind. We will name this newly discovered being a Kinadra. We will add a page to our site documenting the Kinadra. In the world of the paranormal anything is possible, and various factors came together by fate in your case. It’s likely your father was possessed by an arch-demon with such power that it temporarily altered his DNA. He then mated with your mother to make you a first generation vampire. Your mother may be a hereditary witch (human with some magical genes), and not even know it. Perhaps her powers were magically binded by her family who wanted her to have a normal life. We’re assuming she seems perfectly normal? Her natural witch powers were probably psychic in nature. So you’ve got the first generation vampire, the psi vampire, the hereditary witch, and human DNA all interacting, if not fighting, with each other trying to find their balance in your unique body. I suppose we could call you a superhuman psi-blood vampire witch but Kinadra is easier to say. In the same way a demi-demi-demon is simply called a vampire. Let us know if you agree with our findings or if you have any other characteristics you never previously mentioned. Having witch DNA also means you can access the world of real magic!

    2. We all have to go to the The Church Of Holy Light every so often to pay homage to our colleague Father Tom Davis. He’s a top notch exorcist, and has the best holy water this side of the Mississippi. He has no idea I’m a vampire, and probably would have nothing to do with us if he knew about my true nature. When I walk into any church my whole body gets that uncomfortable feeling as if you’ve sat in one position too long. If I stay in a church too long I start to get muscular pain. Naturally touching any religious artifact will cause my skin to smoke. When the Lords prayer is recited I get sick to my stomach. All this despite being what I considered somewhat good in nature. It’s all the reactions of the demonic based DNA of a vampire.

  40. The first of my kind? That’s interesting to say the least. My mom does seem fairly normal, besides a few occasions where she had seen a spirit and ignored it, though she has never had the best of relationship with her family because she is atheist and her family is Mormon. I have a feeling my great grandmother knows something about all of this, I have only seen her once that I know of, but she stared at me like she was peering into my soul. Super uncomfortable and weird. I wouldn’t doubt that her fathers side has something to do with it, or even her mothers side. I have not met my grandmother before though.

    Hmm… characteristics I have yet to mention? Lets see…

    Vampire traits: Fangs occasionally, thirst, odd strength at times, really good sense of smell and hearing, issues with sunlight both on eyes and skin, limited mind control, extremely quiet and fast when I want or need to be, and I never attributed it to vampiric things but I really don’t like Churches either. It doesnt bother me as much as it bothers you Drake, but for instance last time I went to a church service I stayed in the lobby and refused to go in the nave. I was super on edge.

    Psychic traits: Seeing memories or the past, seeing the future, energy manipulation, mild empathic abilities, seeing spirits

    I don’t know if it would be a vampire or a psychic trait, but in general I am getting better at getting into peoples heads and seeing what they see, seeing their memories, affecting thought process, etc without even being near them. Most animals absolutely love me.

    I don’t know if it would matter, but one lycan, three vampires, two psychics, and one person who claims to be an angel or part angel, all would lay down their lives to protect me. And I have no clue why.

    Overall I really agree with your findings. One of my friends call me a vampire alias haha, since I am not quite one thing or another. Being able to do real magic would be awesome, to learn more in general would be awesome, but it isn’t like I have a mentor. Thank you so much, all of you 🙂 for everything you do for people.

  41. Kinadra I just sent you a letter. I couldn’t find your letter in my inbox. hmm.. Yours either Bor3dom. lol I’ll write you both. I hope it didn’t end up in my junk mail. I thought I made sure your on my safe list. Have a good night.

  42. Drake & Kinadra, I also don’t like being in a church. I get bad vibes and a headache’.. The last time I was in a church was for my cousins funeral. Very sad. I asked my son to wear something black, I didn’t double check what he was wearing.. since I was too worried about what I was going to wear. Well we get there.. he takes off his jacket and all of a sudden the minister is glaring at my son.. like he wants to kill or beat the hell out of him. I’m like why are these church folds glaring at my son as if he’s the devil? I go over by him… I said why are they glaring at you? He said I don’t know.. Then he walks over by his grandma to hug her..

    Since we have not seen our family in a long time. I seen he had black velvet Gothic angel wings on the back of his button down dress shirt. lol omg! I’m like Tyler where did you get this shirt? He said Hot Topic? I thought it was cool. I said nooo not for this funeral. So they took it very bad. Thinking my son is a devil worshiper. Yeah the shirt was cool but just not for church. He wasn’t the only gothic dressed teen. His cousin was as well and she came up to him and said cool shirt Ty.. where did u get it. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. If looks could kill he’d be dead. This was 2yrs ago! Our cousin passed from pneumonia. He was born with bad birth defects, because his mom took way too many drugs. My uncles wife did this. Poor kid suffered. But we try hard not to attend any sort of church outings. Nothing against church folks. We just don’t belong there. Every bone in our body want’s to leave .. lol

  43. Oh, Xavier. One thing I did forget to mention that is odd is that my own energy doesn’t run out. I can send energy out to my hearts content and not take it from the environment. Would that affect anything? Or that I have on accident sent out a wave of energy strong enough to shake a wall?

    Also, might you have any idea as to why 1 lycan, 3 vamps, an angel or part angel, and 2 psychics would lay down their lives to protect me? Most of them I hardly knew before they basically pledged their servitude to me.

    1. If you have unlimited energy then it sounds like you’re extracting the pure energy that is the foundation of our reality. Releasing too much energy could interact with other energy sources causing various issues such as power outages, nuclear reactor meltdowns, violent weather conditions, concentrated instances of metaphysical activity, and possible destruction of property. If you are able to access the pure energy of our reality then there is the potential for great destruction. You should try, and keep a lid on sending out too much energy.

      It could be that these beings see your unlimited energy as being God like in nature. Perhaps the Angel sees you as a key player in the Apocalypse, and wants to make sure nobody interferes in your destiny.

  44. Whitewolf, I am so sorry about your cousin. That’s sad. 🙁

    As for church, I never really thought much of it. I’ve just never liked the churches, the nave especially. I have a cross on one of my necklaces, along with some other pendants. I realized two things, one how stubborn I am, and two how much more my vampiric side is beginning to show. I didn’t smoke or anything, but it sorta stung a bit, like a small, but extremely annoying burn. I felt so silly asking mom to take the cross off of it. Im extremely stubborn because I refused to take it off, even though I really wanted to, because it was pretty and my mom would have taken it apart if she thought I didn’t like it.

  45. I have many abilities that I not even sure about simply because I absorb energy and abilities unknowingly, I do have an unlimited supply of energy but its purely chaotic simply because I have been raised by demons and they mixed their energy with me since I have been a small child. All of the mixes caused me to age in reverse so even though I am fully immortal I have been restricted to the body of a human.

  46. so there is a such thing as Demons,vampire, other weird creature it all corrput creature that belong to the Devil himself call Satan and this will take you to hell realm forever…so my question is this why join in the loser club instead of joining in Jesus Christ as Kings and kings and lord and lord as winner and victory over evil.

    now that cool.

    1. There’s a great deal of propaganda from the Devil, and his demonic minions leading many of their followers to believe they can win against the Angels, and God. The Devil himself is an Archangel which is considered a state of pre-godhood. He most likely really believes he has a chance to overwhelm the mind of God, aka the Omniverse, and take command.

  47. I read the article on “kinadra” and I am not sure about what you said on what part is most evident. I mean, on occasion the different parts do not coincide too well. But steadily the vampiric side has gotten more apparent. Wouldn’t it have dominance over the other parts? Since the vampire virus is so strong. And then if my moms side does have witches, they could hide the bad effects. If the spell effect isn’t strong enough or is wearing off, that would explain why I am getting more vampiric. Right?

    1. If the human DNA is kept alive in various supernatural beings it actually ends up being quite powerful. It’s being kept alive by the intertwined witch DNA which sends out magical T-Cell Lymphocytes to stop the vampire virus from taking over completely. Yes if the spell is wearing off the full measure of your vampire side will eventually show. So this doesn’t mean that your human-witch side is losing. The psychic vampire in you more or less is neutral when it comes to the blood vampire side. Neither will really effect each other.

  48. Why fear anyone but god himself! bor3dom i do not know you but i was told to tell you if you seek power get on ypur knees and pray! Holy holy is our god almighty

  49. Hi Kinadra, I’m not sure if my advise was very accurate. Since I’m not the professional. I just know that blood helps me to heal and regenerate. If you have any vampire in you. You’ll definitely feel the difference once you’ve had rare steak. As for going totally witch instead of Vampire? I’m not sure. Why would you want to go one way and not the other. Both are good things to have at once. Since you are a hybrid. I find it a good thing for you to have this. Or do you mean your human side?

    Are you trying to bring more of your vampire traits and instinct to the for front? I do apologize, my daughter lost her cell and has mine. I won’t be getting it back for another week. Just letting you know. 🙂 I know I have allot going on withing myself. I like the fact I have witch within me an the others. It can’t hurt when you have someone or thing trying to harm you. Just try to be one with yourself. Within.. I’m sure Mystic Investigations can answer this allot better than I have. Have a good week Kinadra, feel free to email me anytime or write me here. 🙂

    1. The best way to make one side more dominant is to fuel it with what it needs. The vampire side wants human blood. The psi vampire wants human energy. The witch side wants to practice magic, and interact with the Gods, and Goddesses through spells. I think developing your powers of witchcraft would be the best route since you could eventually build them to the point of having control over your other halves.

  50. Hello Kinadra, How are you? Did the med rare steak help at all? I’m stubborn and refuse to drink human blood. So my vampire side is in a semi hibernation state. Although when I had steak for 6 days straight! I got younger! People thought I was 18. I couldn’t buy Margareta. lol The woman thought my id was fake. I said wow.. seriously? I’m old.. lol enough’.. She’s like you do not look 40 yrs old. What is your secret? I told her.. Lots of water! 😉 hahaha. So the blood has helped me allot! I did the experiment and had the blood for a week. Greg noticed the color in my skin after eating it.

    Kinadra it’s so awesome we have internet. There’s many great sites online to help with learning more about witch craft. Try visiting They have very affordable used books there. With free shipping. All my books were 5.00 pretty awesome. 😉 So read allot on gems , herbs and protection. Use the power of the elements to protect you from evil. I’ve learned much from books in general. You don’t have to join any covens to learn. If you wish to do that, it’s entirely upon you. Protection is the most important to begin with. Always master your circle. I hope this was of some help.

  51. I didn’t tell you my characteristics did I? at a early age, I started to have visions that I can usually interpret and it almost always come true, I’ve experience my soul one time spinning in mid-air one time during sleep paraylis (but the strange thing us that I’ve always experience sleep paralysis and it happens often). I’ve practice witchcraft sometime and everytime I did, I’ve felt like I’m connected to nature and the magic itself like I was born into it. My dad does always freaks out people everytime he comes their way and I do as well. I had displayed a few witch traits but I think I surpassed them for a long time due to not being able to practice enough magic yet.

    1. Both Rebecca, and I focused on you which resulted in some encouraging news. If you can avoid the FEMA camp, and get to Canada we see a divergent timeline where you meet up with a group of paranormally inclined people in a forest. You head into Alaska avoiding NWO forces, and cross into Russia. The group makes their way to the Verhoyansk Mountain Range in Siberia where an unnaturally warm valley exists. A camp is located there which acts as a haven, and training center for those with godly blood. Despite us not reading anything supernatural off you this vision makes us believe you might have some small percentage of Earthly God blood within you. Most likely less than 1/8 but enough for these people to detect, and try to bring out the magic within you. We can’t see anything beyond that.

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