February 6, 2023

13 thoughts on “When Will World War III Happen, And What Will Be The Supernatural Consequences?

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  2. Xavier.. My mouth is dropped. wow… That was beautifully written. I seriously hope none of that happens. Perhaps this is also what I seen of our future? Mostly a natural disaster. Vampires were starving. If this happens, I wonder if the gods will get involved? I hope so. It makes sense what would happen to the paranormal beings of this world. Very scary.. Thank you for this story.

    1. Thanks! This could have been prevented by a Ron Paul Presidency but he was defrauded during the primary process. He was clearly winning, and was the number one choice among members of the military. I doubt Romney will halt the march toward war since each President is hand picked to continue the New World Order agenda. If Obama is re-elected then expect all hell to break loose. Without worry of re-election he will go full steam ahead with the police state, and WW III.

      The Gods, and Goddesses, Especially Mother Earth Gaia, are the wildcards in the battle between the super forces of Demons, and Angels. Gaia is the Earth itself, and she doesn’t like war upon her body. A living planet like Earth is such a complex entity that it actually will sometimes materialize a consciousness like Gaia. Both Angels, and Demons have tried to exorcise her from the planet but it’s impossible to separate the two.

  3. I hope so.. We don’t need anymore monsters in this world. Not super monsters anyhow! Xavier why would they want to exorcise her from the planet? Wouldn’t this rip our world apart! Or bring hell upon earth? Makes sense. I know there’s a strong light withing me. They’ve tried to take it out of me. But failed! It’s like apart of me. So I understand why they can’t get Gaia out! Why would the Angels do this? Isn’t Gaia good? I’m not familiar with any of this. It’s the first I’ve heard about Gaia. She’s probably in place to ensure no one takes over completely.

  4. I’m looking this up now.. I see her as a goddess of the earth. From the pictures I’ve seen. Xavier, do you think perhaps she could be reborn here as a powerful elemental? To further protect the innocents and life on our planet? What if she’s here now.. Also she probably wouldn’t know she’s Gaia. I wonder. She would have many powers over nature and the weather. This is my theory.. if it’s true! Why would she want to stay hidden and isolated. What better way to hide than to mingle into society as a normal person. Trying to be normal herself. They should make a movie about it lol. I find this very interesting.

    I know I’ve seen myself sleeping under very clean and clear water deep within a cavern. Drips of water sooth me. I love the sounds and the coolness of the clay and stone. I felt very safe there. Even now when I feel irritated with my life! I go to this special place in my mind. My way of being one with my self and the earth. I’ll continue to read more about this. Sorry I write so much! 🙂

    1. It depends on a variety of specifics but Superhumans are more likely to have immune systems that can at least fight off the zombie virus. They could plausibly become temporary zombies, and then revert back to Superhumans status.

  5. Question for Mr. Xavier Remington what happen if you time travel to the past and die there? will you be born again in the own timeline? write back just wonder

    1. If a time traveler dies in the past they’ll still be born in the future unless they altered the past to such an extent that they now exist in a timeline they never existed in. The only issue is the fact that dead time travelers have a tendency to become ghosts, or resurrect as sapient zombies in their time of origin.

        1. Only extremely skilled psychics, and practitioners of magic can gleam a difference in parallel Universes. One method is feeling the difference in the vibrations of the metaphysical energy foundation of reality. There’s also advanced equipment that measures the general frequency of the energy strings that make up the Universe. Something that might currently only exist in top secret circles.

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