That Time The Devil Made The Denver Broncos Lose The Super Bowl!

The Denver Broncos lost Super Bowl XLVIII in one of the most embarrassing defeats in football history on February 2nd, 2014! This one-sided match was almost surreal as the Seattle Seahawks pummeled the Broncos who had a score of zero for most of the game. The sad Super Bowl showing ended in a score of 43-8.  How could a team that made it to the Super Bowl play like a group of bumbling amateurs?  It’s inexplicable!  After some suspicious supernatural cues, Mystic Investigations began investigating this unfortunate incident. This led us to the uncovering of a rare deal with the Devil himself.  Sure there are deals with demons but you have to be someone special to receive a direct audience with the Devil.  Although since October 2013 it’s somewhat easier since he’s walking the Earth in a biological human-like form. Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Paranormal News Blog…

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