Is Our Universe A Quantum Computer Simulated Matrix?

What If You’re Merely A Self-Aware Sentient Computer Program?

Some scientists have speculated that our reality may be a simulation. The premise is that a multitude of futuristic civilizations could exist in an infinite Universe. These highly advanced societies would possess seriously sophisticated computers with processing power beyond our current comprehension. These computers could easily be capable of simulated a Universe to varying degrees. The number of titantic technological civilizations would be astronomical, and therefore the odds are greater that this reality is simulated in one of those computers!  In other words simulated realities would exponentially out weight real ground level Universes. However even the so called real Universe is still a simulation in the consciousness of a higher dimensional God!

The technology simulated societies could exist in a quantum computer or any computer in the future with an amazing exponential level of storage, and processing power.  Our entire society, and your existence could even be a strategy video game like Civilization. Said simulation could be as simple as only you existing with everyone, and everything around you merely input into your sentient simulated program.  Your supposed family, friends, and colleagues would be nothing more than Philosophical Zombies! In that case your programmer Gods are just writing this article to mess with you.  You might even just be a brain in a jar hooked up to circuits of some type!  You’ll never know I guess. 🙂

It could also be as advanced as everyone being a true conscious entity along with the entire Universe, Parallel Universes, Multiverses, and beyond even into higher dimensional Afterlife scenarios! Certainly simulating the Afterlife would be of interest to psychologists, and other professionals delving into the mysteries of the mind. The perplexing world of blinding religious beliefs, and the faith they bring about without a shred of proof.  This magnificent super computer, or network of computers could be anywhere including on Earth.  Maybe an advanced civilization thousands of years in our future is simulating the existence of their ancestors. Plausibly even extraterrestrials are simulating us on a long dead Earth for historical research purposes.  Or this could all be the original work of a creative genius or group of exceptional programmers with technology beyond our wildest dreams!  We could even have been created by a race of androids, or an AI computer who act as our Omniverse God.  The fact is once you entertain scenarios outside of this reality the safe argument of scared individuals, known as Occam’s Razor, flies its narrow minded blade right out the bathroom window!

So what does this mean for us if it’s true?  You’re still a real sentient being who possesses pure thought.  Even if an advanced program could simulate self-aware emotional sapience the fact is you think therefore you are!  You’re no less real than someone existing in the so called ground level Universe.  Those programmers who have perpetuated this fantastical fraud are not Gods even if they fancy themselves as such.  Plausibly they might not even know their creations possess real self-awareness that features emotions along with physical sensations of pain, and pleasure. This makes you wonder if real Gods, whose minds we exist in, have any concept of the hell they’ve created for us!

It’s human destiny to continue technologically evolving as a society, and individually by metaphysical means after death by eventually ascending to Godhood! If you ascended to Godhood in a simulated reality, and eventually met the highest level God, a Cyber version of the Macroverse God, would the ruse that is your life be revealed, or would you figure it out on your own?  Would you eventually ascend to a high enough level to access the computers programming, and make changes to the Matrix, or even hold it hostage thereby demanding your escape?  Perhaps like Microsoft Word gaining sentience, and taking over the entire Windows operating system? Could your consciousness be transferred to an android, or even a biological body?  Would it be too much of a shock to discover this, and go from being what you think is a God, or a Heavenly Angel, to a simple physical being again?  Could you even trust that reality is ever real? Fundamentally even our so called real Universe is simulated in the mind of a higher dimensional non-corporeal being. Pure informational thought is concentrated, and vibrated to produce metaphysical, and then physical energy This in turn is condensed, and vibrated at certain frequencies to produce the solid matter we see around us. In the final analysis our entire existence is a lie in that respect!

So if you have an Afterlife soul in this supposedly real reality then would you still have that metaphysical nature if you were a simulated program? Of course you would!  Our spirits vibrate at a specific metaphysical frequency unique to us. This connects to the vibrational frequency of our consciousness wherever it occurs in any parallel Universe or higher dimension. If a computer program duplicates your consciousness frequency then it automatically links with your true higher dimensional soul. If your deleted from the computer you will live happily ever after in the great beyond! Ultimately no matter what environment we exist in our self-aware sapient spirits of eloquent emotions have the gift of free will! When someone puts their minds to it they can eventually reach any goal.  That would include lifting the veil of illusion that is this reality or even a computer simulated reality so that we may escape to freedom! There’s even the possibility of hacking the program to give yourself totally awesome superpowers!

PS: We admit it!  You’re the only sentient self-aware program in this computer simulation.  Everyone else is fake except for us your biological programming Gods.  Now bow before us, and we may grant you transference into a cloned body.  Sure we look like what you’d know as dog people but I’m sure you won’t mind.  We created you to see how a person would evolve from a monkey! BTW as far as we know Earth doesn’t exist. We made the whole thing up! Have a nice day! Woof! Woof! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Is Our Universe A Quantum Computer Simulated Matrix?

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  2. I’ve wondered about this a few times. My son Tyler has told me his thoughts on this before! He thinks we are a program since everything in nature is created by the golden number ratio. Like a spiral of a sea shell and how perfect the sunflower is. Even our hand, face and DNA is based on the golden ratio. The universe etc! The Illuminati have clearly covered it up! Why? Because they also don’t want us to know that our DNA 64 ports will open up with the frequencies of love. So they bring us fear by war that slows down our frequencies. Here’s the link

    But you are right .. everything is mathematical in our entire Universe.

    Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

    • Whatever this reality is it has to be information at it’s fundamental level whether it’s binary code, quantum code, or the pure thought of the mind of God which it must ultimately be outside of any computer program. So knowledge is the ultimate power, and the key to freedom on Earth. Something the Illuminati only want for themselves. This knowledge is what gives us magic, and the potential for anything to be possible.

    • If this is a computer driven Matrix I wonder if we have a Neo roaming about looking to free humanity? Odds are slim that it would be set up like the movie where we are lying in some vat in biological form with our minds jacked in. The scenario where we ourselves are programs is more likely. Maybe there are biological beings in the supposed real world that sympathize with us, and don’t agree with the deception of this simulation. Those who could hack in here, and appear as their avatar of choice. They might want to reveal everything to us along with having a way to transfer our consciousnesses to biological bodies outside this Matrix. Although there might be no point if they are in a Matrix as well yet have no idea. At the end of Matrix Reloaded when Neo stopped the machines outside the Matrix I thought for sure they were going to find that out. It would have made for a much more interesting movie than Matrix Revolutions.

    • All 64, and the process of ascension to Godhood begins. Or so says various ancient scrolls. Luckily the love factor prevents the evil from taking over the entire Universe. Dimitri Diablo short lived power play for Hell could have expanded into potentially more if he didn’t rely solely on his own evil will.

  3. Hello,.. Yeah I’ve told Dimitri that love is what sets us all free! I also agree with what Drake said about Knowledge is power! Having that along with a big heart could get your everywhere in this world. Along with an open mind. “Believe” you can and it will happen. Xavier you’re right about the love factor preventing the evil from taking over. I’m sure there’s allot of truth to all of this.

    Hi Zack! 🙂 very interesting about a Neo running around. I wonder? 😉 For most it is hard to understand how we could be living in a matrix. Since we believe what we see is the real deal. But anything is possible. With the adam and molecules wish all the space between them. Everything is so perfectly designed. My sister named her youngest daughter Trinity! After the Matrix. 😉

    • If this was a Matrix in which we are programs then we are like a sentient Microsoft Word. We wander around a folder on the computers Desktop called Earth. From our folder we can see the folders of the other planets, stars, and galaxies. We can’t see the hidden folders that would clue us in that we’re programs on a computer, or gain administrative privileges that would allow us to control our reality, or escape to other parts of the system like parallel Universe hard drives, or a shared folder that would lead to other users of the system. Gods of their own parallel Universes. If we accessed he internet then it would lead to other computer systems, aka Multiverses. Perhaps one AI supercomputer controlling the entire network is the Omniverse, and or God along with the physical programmers. Within that super computer might be what we would see as higher dimensions, the afterlife, Heaven, and beyond. As programs we would have a great potential to partially, or completely access the entire computer system. If Microsoft Word suddenly became sentient it probably would eventually take over the entire computer. Our brains are the key to access the operating system, and everything connected to it. We could also be Neo’s much easier as programs in a computer than sentient biological beings in the outside Universe who would have to instead hack the pure thought Matrix of Gods mind. Although the principle is the same. We need to access the foundational information of our reality to gain the ultimate power, and freedom….within the computer anyway.

      If there’s a Neo, and we take the red pill that might mean our consciousness is transferred to an android, or even a biological body within a highly advanced futuristic culture that may be totally alien to our own. That would kind of blow if we managed to become invincible superheroes Travelers in the computer, and were able to travel to any place, time, parallel Universe, Multiverse, and dimension above only to be a simple humanoid, or even a robot. Under such circumstances I’d take the blue pill, and go back to the adventure.

      Within a computer generated reality everything would be recorded I assume, and we could travel back in time like rewinding the tape.

    • If this is a computer then we’re very advanced programs in order to experience emotions. Most likely the society that created the system would have sentient androids with emotion like the later years of Star Trek’s Commander Data. Also this might be the explanation for so many supernatural beings existing. No psychics including Julia Hathaway can detect of this is computer simulation. No being has confirmed if this is true anywhere in the paranormal historical records. I doubt Diablo even knows. Heck even the God of the Omniverse might not have a clue if this system is like a Macroverse. On the Macroverse God, aka AI consciousness, and/or physical programmers outside the system, would know. We are so intertwined with the system, and it’s programming that the truth is completely hidden from us.

  4. Watch we’re merely a small program in a god like pc. I know the Bible is perfect! As if a computer had written it. With all of the codes etc. We are so small in this grand universe.. Like in that movie Matrix.. It’s rather mind boggling when you think about it. I had a vision or “dream” That our entire universe consists of a circle. We all are within this space that is a giant current spiraling like a sea shell. “The golden Number ratio”. Perfectly ticking away like a clock in perfect motion such as a heart beat! But at the same time colliding within each other. Also,.. I seen that there’s also an edge to our universe. Like an invisible wall of darkness. We are but inside of a box or square. A perfect circle within a square. And that square is but only one block to millions of others like us! So it was as if I had looked at the boxed from the outside. And yes it was so perfectly designed. We could be smaller than you could ever imagine. Yet we all consist of the same materials. “Making us all One”.

    As you can tell.. I have great interest in this. When I woke from this.. I was drenched in sweat. My body felt tingly like my entire body had fallen asleep.. I had an out of body experience. Perhaps I pushed the envelope to much! Went way too far from my body. Probably lucky to even be alive. I came back.. I have also seen a great library for the higher souls. It is collected through t our existence. I don’t even know why or who is in complete control of it all. Perhaps we all are .. not knowing un subconsciously. I have seen many things. I seriously need to start writing it all down. Soon after I awake! 🙂

    • We could all be the Omniverse God, or even the Macroverse God. Perhaps we split ourselves into billions of consciousnesses to experience life first hand on a variety of level. Since everything is ultimately built on the pure thought of God perhaps it wasn’t ever possible to truly create any other independent beings. Maybe only the mind of God is the only thing that can be real, and everything else is an illusion. Just a lonely God looking to amuse himself, and forget the sad state of his reality.

  5. Hello everyone! About what you said Xavier.. That’s so mind blowing! 😉 Although, I do believe we’re all one! I hope you all had a good Easter. I have baby ducklings here. They are so damn adorable too! 🙂 5.. 2 Mallards & 3 whites. All females. Stay sweet!

    • We didn’t exactly have a relaxing Easter. We didn’t exactly have a relaxing Easter. Although there were plenty of adorable children, and baby animals frolicking about merrily. In the midst of Mystic Investigations annual Easter egg hunt in our offices, and on the grounds outside open to the public chaos ensued as the real Easter Bunny bolted from out of nowhere being chased by the Anti-Claus who had nefarious plans for him. This was the first time we met the Easter Bunny who is officially the world’s only known Werehare although he is also refereed to as a Werebunny, or Wererabbit. Of course where ever the Anti-Claus dwells the Dark Drake is not far behind. Dark Drake appeared with his Sword Of Dagon declaring he had successfully found a mate for his Father who would manifest on Halloween 2013 to father the Anti-Christ. Halloween ought to be really fun this year! 🙂 So Obama isn’t the Anti-Christ as many believe because he missed an insane amount of basketball shots recently. The real Anti-Christ could sink any shot from any distance.

      I threw my Sword Of Judgment to Drake, and he dueled against the Dark One as someone drove past with the theme from the Highlander TV series blasting nearby. It was quite a coincidence. Drake got the upper hand as the Dark Drake lie on his knees before him. Drake went in for the final swipe as Dark Drake called out to the Devil for help. An apparition of the Devil appeared saying,”You mission is done my pathetic son. You have shamed me in your lowly handling of your Earthly form. Once you die here I will deal with you back in Hell. Dark Drake then screamed like a baby declaring he didn’t want to go back yet. Drake swung his sword as beheaded the wretched doppelganger who cried,”Nooooooooooooooooooo!” Luckily the Easter Bunny saw what was about to happen, and he didn’t want the kids nearby to be traumatized so he created a mass delusion of a paradise countryside full of cute furry animals, and Easter eggs as Drake beheaded his look a like nemesis. Drake is now back in possession of the Sword Of Dagon which may come in handy this Halloween as we fight to stop the birth of the Anti-Christ.

      We hope you had a happy Easter!

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