Are There Any Supernatural Consequences To Blood & Organ Donation?

In general donating blood, tissues, and organs(including partials) while alive, or after death, is a good thing that helps those in dire need.  Some have indicated a potential higher dimensional soul Intertwinement with the person you donated to due to your metaphysical energy soul frequency matching your biological body.  When you transfer fluids, or organs to another human the vibrational frequency switches to the donor within approximately one day.  So there is a short window where your soul is intermingled with the recipient since your donation will continue to vibrate at your soul frequency for that short period of time. The most common side effect is shared dreams in the Astral Dream Plane we all go to when we sleep.  If either person is supernatural in nature then they could share their powers during that time. There is also an extremely slim chance a nefarious practitioner of magic could use you as a puppet during that day but what are the odds you’d happen to donate to such a person!

If you happen to donate organs to a witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, or Necromancer(Those with mystical power over the dead) after you die then they can have a hold on your immortal soul thereby preventing you from passing on to the Heavenly Afterlife.  Necromancers especially would exercise control over your ghostly form, and remains of your corpse that could be resurrected as a Zombie! Again you’re probably talking about less than .000001% of the world population when it comes to true Necromancers so don’t let this discourage your blood, and organ donations to charity. In addition Psychics who get your donations may have premonitions about you, and then seek you out to warn you about any future issues.

On the other side of the coin there can be an paranormal problem if you’ve received blood, or organs from a dead individual of any type who becomes a ghost, or God forbid a Poltergeist!  They would be tied to you for as long as they exist in this plane of reality.  Their organs, and even blood within you would be their anchor in this world even after they attain your soul frequency. The astral entity could haunt you when you’re awake, and psychically attack you in the Astral Plane as you sleep! In extremely slim cases a powerful ghost or poltergeist may possess you for brief periods of time. Obviously if you need an organ or blood transfusion to prevent death then you have no choice.  Unfortunately there’s no way to know the Afterlife story of the person who donated to you. Fortunately this is something that doesn’t happen that often but it’s something that pops up every so often in our own paranormal investigations.

What About Vampires Who Frequent Blood Banks?
Vampires who utilize blood banks are generally good as they don’t want to feed off live humans. Of course they may also have an insatiable sanguine appetite that simply can’t be met by humans! When a vampire ingests your blood they temporarily will acquire your talents, or powers if you have them.  They will also have psychic visions about you.  They may visit you in your dreams, or nightmares depending on their intent.  However this usually only lasts for a matter of hours, and not more than a day….unless of course they become obsessed with you, and seek you out!  Again this is not a common thing, and it shouldn’t worry you.

There are some things you can do to protect yourself. Having a Priest bless your donated or received blood & organs thereby making them holy often nullifies any nefarious mystical hijinks. If you feel something dark after getting a donation have a Priest bless you, and pray for your immortal soul.  In some cases an exorcism may need to take place in order to release you from the ties of the deceased. A competent witch or other practitioner of magic may be able to aid you as well along with Necromancers who actually use their power for good.  It’s also said you can more easily defend yourself against the supernatural consequences of blood, and organ donation by making sure your Chakra energy centers are properly aligned, and optimized. Take the Free Chakra Test here to find out if everything is in metaphysical order.

This article was not meant to discourage anyone from donating, or receiving blood, tissues, and organs. It’s merely to inform you what’s going on if unusual things begin to happen after donating or receiving.  May the gift of your biological self help someone survive to see another beautiful sunrise rather than having it be their last sunset!

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