Do Vampires Need To Breath Air In Order To Survive?

Vampire CostumeVampires don’t normally breath because they are in fact dead.  Although considered members of the animated dead that’s usually refereed to as Living Dead creatures. Since they’re more or less modified humans with demonic DNA, vampires still have lungs, and most other human organs lying in a mostly dormant state.  This means they can survive in any hostile air environment such as a room full of toxic smoke, or gases along with outer space if they stay out of the holy sunlight.  Despite no requirement for oxygen, or any other type of gas found in the air, they can still use their lungs as glorified air pumps.  A vampire can breath in air, and then shoot it out at great speeds.  Those standing close enough to a First Generation Vampire could easily be knocked over by their super breeze.  It’s also possible for a powerful vampire to inhale deadly gasses, or smoke in a room, and then later expel it outdoors.  Complete absorption into their bodies may be possible as well.

Deeply weakened, or overexerted vampires will display hints of humanity. Lungs will actually activate, and they will seem out of breath if engaged in a difficult battle.  If vampire lungs become temporarily active they will filter oxygen from inhaled air but instead of the normal carbon dioxide exhaling forth we get a sulfur compound.  The sulfurous gas creation comes from their Demonic Hell tied genes. Once the weakened state has passed their lungs return to a dormant stasis once again.

Lil Vampy Man

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  2. Hi Xavier, So Drake is a breath of fresh air! Sweet! 😉 I was just talking to him about this. Very interesting.. I heard yours and Rebecca’s parents will be visiting for Thanksgiving. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ll be baking a smaller sized turkey this year. I also was looking for that cookies n cream pie.. No luck! It was sold out! I’ll continue looking for it. I’m sure it’s delicious.

    • Perhaps you’ll be joining us for Thanksgiving 2013 at my manor. You can join all the ladies in the kitchen while us big shots watch television, play poker, shoot pool,and go swimming in my indoor pool. 🙂 Actually the guys prepare at least one dish while the ladies lounge about. I also have a jacuzzi to relax in after everyone stuffs themselves full. If you can’t find a cookies and cream pie you could try making one. Here’s a recipe:–n–Cream-Pie. It’s just mixing, and then freezing. No baking required! This will probably be the thing we guys make. I guess the ladies won’t be lounging for too long. 🙂

  3. Hello Xavier. Awe so sweet! I can’t wait to be apart of the family! I seriously can’t imagine the fun we’ll all have once I’m there. 🙂 Thank you for this recipe as well. I’m going to make it. I just finished having a jacuzzi party… It’s late I know. 🙂 I’m also, will be heading to Waterloo for some shopping at 4am. My friend Jen convinced me to go to IHOP with her for some breakfast. I’m so looking forward to that pot of coffee! 🙂 I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving. 🙂 Stay sweet! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Well, for one, I hope everyone has had an awesome thanksgiving. 🙂

    Also, this breathing thing probably explains why I have caught myself not breathing for a long period of time. Though, I can only do it if I am not trying. T.T wish I could figure out how to control that better.

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