Why Does Existence Exist?

Upon the birth of the one and only infinite God, known as the Macroverse, there was a chance everything could have been extinguished for eternity! If this had occurred absolutely nothing would exist now! When complex higher-dimensional Gods come into existence their mind spawns unintended sentient personifications of various concepts. Usually, the first thing is the concept of good and evil. As is the case with Omniverse Gods, The Light and The Darkness are the first spontaneous creations who are known as Omniverse Personifiers. In fact, they are a right of passage for such Gods who ascended from human-like lives. Within our Omniverse The Darkness fought to possess God like a demon possesses a human. Both The Light and the neutral gray God ended up locking the evilest of entities away in the Omniverse God’s subconscious mind. The Light then voluntarily re-integrated itself back into God’s consciousness.

The Macroverse God Was The First Conscious Being Of Reality

The Macroverse God was the first conscious being to exist in all of reality. It is the infinite God of everything that is a collective of infinite souls which includes all of us! At this level of reality, there is no concept of good or evil. Everything is simply something experienced in the acquisition of knowledge. One would think the first spontaneous sentient personification of the first God would be The Something and The Nothing. However, ultimately nothing is something. In the beginning, a void of nothingness shattered causing zero-dimensional non-corporeal energy points to form. The dynamic energy caused sparking arcs between points forming one-dimensional lines vibrating at every frequency possible. Every one of these lines was the spark of a soul that includes you.

The Enchanted Evolution Of The Macroverse

The enchanted entity continued growing geometrically until a complex collective consciousness evolved from ever-growing infinite dimensions. This was the birth of the Macroverse God! It’s said that the Macroverse God sparked this chain reaction even before it existed via something similar to a time travel paradox known as a Casual Loop. The real explanation is that there were zero laws of physics and no rules of reality whatsoever. Therefore you have the ultimate foundation of magic within which anything can happen. That being a God who sparked its own birth before it was ever conceived of!

The Existence vs The Non-Existence

The first spontaneous creations of the Macroverse Lord were The Existence and The Non-Existence. Clearly, this is beyond Life and Death. Concepts that didn’t exist yet and only truly mean something in the corporeal biological world. Both these creations were different from The Light and The Darkness in that they were deeply intertwined with the Macroverse. In essence, they became split personalities as the Macroverse had a backseat to the showdown. Both sides plead their case making this the first vote or referendum of reality. The Existence thought every infinite mathematical probable scenario should be explored to gain all possible knowledge. All out of curiosity of the unknown as they explored their existence to the fullest. They proposed placing every soul within ever lower dimensions of existence without knowledge of the one above to gain unique experiences and information. From our 3-D biological viewpoint, this is the afterlife ascension to Godhood as we become greater collectives of ourselves from Parallel Universes, Multiverses, etc. In their mind, there was no other option but to exist if for no other reason for the sake of existing until there was nothing left to exist for.

The Argument Of The Non-Existence

The Non-Existence first pointed out the irony of its existence but indicated it would be brief. A necessary evil to convince the collective consciousness and then facilitate blinking everything from existence for all eternity. At that point, The Finite and The Infinite came into being to simultaneously debate whether to exist for a set period of time before ceasing said existence or to go on for eternity. That’s when Time and Anti-Time popped into reality. As you can see these Macroverse Personifiers exponentially grew but it wasn’t an issue for a complex mind like the Macroverse God. Needless to say, The Non-Existence thought existence was mindless and there was no purpose to reality. They thought nothing should exist. Ultimately they would always just being living within their own mind outside which nothing could exist. The souls of the Macroverse would always live within their own thoughts. Their lower-dimensional lives being a mere illusion and even a delusion to mask their true state where nothing is real but their own consciousness construct. The Non-Existence believed existence was futile and recommended complete self-destruction of everything immediatly!

The Source Of Existential Crisis

In the end, Existence won along with The Infinite and The Eternal. It was inevitable since the Macroverse already existed and had a curiosity that yearned to live forever. The Non-Existence quickly extinguished itself from reality having served its purpose. It was technically never to be seen again but once something exists in the Macroverse it survives in one form or another. The Spirit of the Non-Existence lives on in the memory of the Macroverse mind as a potential scenario that has only been played out hypothetically. Its ideas filtered to every corner of reality thus granting us and all living beings the quintessential Existential Crisis. Every self-aware entity eventually questions why they exist and for what purpose. Often in times of depression and hardship. This is The Non-Existence ironically living onward in all of our minds!

What If The Non-Existence Won?

Had The Non-Existence won the great first debate then it would have been the last debate or thought to exist in all reality! I wouldn’t be typing this article and none of the infinite lives of every Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and higher dimension would have ever existed. This would be true The Non-Existent Nothing! Not even a mysterious void of nothingness capable of an inexplicable shattering. All non-corporeal energy would have been dissipated to Absolute Zero Nothing or Absolute Empty to ensure God or anything never re-evolved ever again! Thanks to The Existence we exist! A great many are applauding it while others now seriously hate The Existence for forcing them to exist in an undesirable life!☯️

Why Do We Exist? The Ultimate Purpose For Existence!

You exist in a collective consciousness that is the Macroverse God. From that highest dimensional point, you placed yourself into varying lower-dimensional vessels with and without memory of your true self. All for the purpose of collecting unique experiences and knowledge for personal enrichment. This is why you exist here as a 3-D biological being. Upon death, you will ascend upward into higher planes of reality perceiving an eternal journey of ever-growing wisdom and power. You will find yourself as a God of various Universes and a part of unimaginable higher dimensional communities as well. In the end, you will come full circle and re-join with your Macroverse self. Although in an infinite reality there’s really no end. You will fly forth on countless other quests of curious exploration! You may even do everything all over again as well!⚡️ Read More About The Purpose Of Existence…

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What Is The Exact Location Of Earth And Its Complete Address?

The exact location and complete address of Earth, the third planet from the Sun, is The Solar System (Inner Solar System), Local Interstellar Cloud, Local Bubble, Gould Belt, Orion–Cygnus Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Milky Way Sub-Group, Local Group (Local Galaxy Cluster), Local Sheet, Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster (Local Supercluster Group), Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex (Galaxy Filament), Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse and Macroverse…🌎🌍🌏

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Earth’s Location Within Our Universe

– The Solar System is our local planetary group consisting of at least 8 planets. We say nine but the astronomical powers that be decided Pluto doesn’t count! Earth orbits the sun with two other planets within the Inner Solar System.
Local Interstellar Cloud
Local Bubble
Gould Belt
Orion–Cygnus Arm
Milky Way Galaxy – Our system of stars bound together by the gravity of the supermassive black hole at its center along with the effects of dark matter.
Milky Way Sub-Group – Smaller satellite galaxies gravitationally bound to the Milky Way.
Local Group (Local Galaxy Cluster)
Local Sheet
Virgo Supercluster (Local Sub-Supercluster)
Laniakea Supercluster (Local Supercluster Group)
Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex (Galaxy Filament)

Earth’s Location For Extra-Dimensional Aliens

– Our Universe’s exact designation and placement within the grander Multiverse are unknown. However, the question may be irrelevant as we all travel to near-identical Parallel Universes with every thought we have courtesy of our movement over the 5-D plane and our consciousness interaction with hyperspace, aka probability space, at the quantum level of reality.
– The Multiverse is a 6-D construct that contains our Universe and an unimaginable number of others as well. Other Multiverses exist separate from ours in 7-D space. They were created under similar or completely different cosmic events such as the Big Bang.
– Our Omniverse is a 12-dimensional entity some might call God. A complex consciousness construct that plays out every mathematical probability within an armada of Multiverses and higher dimensional planes of existence. It is composed of metaphysical energy at its highest dimensional levels. There are other Omniverses within Hyper-Omniverse space of varying dimensional sizes that may or may not be Gods.
– The Macroverse is the true term of what most would simply call the Universe. It encompasses everything there is to infinity and beyond. There can be nothing outside of it. It is an ever-growing entity of infinite-dimensional potential. It is thought to be a God created by a collective of every consciousness within it. This includes you!💫

Share This Address With Aliens At Your Own Risk!

We urge you not to relay this information to any Extraterrestrials unless you’re sure they’re friendly. Humankind has been foolishly lopping signals into outer space and sending greeting messages outward into the unknown dark galactic expanse. This includes various interstellar probes. Illustrious Physicist Stephen Hawking has even warned us that blatantly giving away our location to the Cosmos isn’t wise. Yet, of course, his curiosity pushes that fear aside as he lends a hand to search for alien lifeforms. Our society is currently very weak compared to possible advanced ET societies that may have already existed for millions of years! We are at a Type 0 on the Kardeshev Scale and future scales of civilization measurement. The worst-case scenario is almost God like aliens who see us as pests or even viruses! With the push of a button, or perhaps just a telepathic thought, they could blow up the entire planet!🛸

Earth’s Location Should Be Kept Secret Until The Far Future

Aliens locating us would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Undoubtedly, they would at least identify our planet as having the potential for life. In the same way we are now able to survey the night skies with advanced telescopes to pick up exoplanets via analysis of various distant stars. Let’s leave Earth as a mere potential for alien astronomers rather than a sure thing through signal detection leading them right to our front door. Hopefully, any civilization that lasts long enough to achieve interstellar flight will be a peaceful enlightened species. A race that strives to preserve life and embrace freedom for all. Including those who are far more primitive than they are. If nothing else they should have anthropological curiosity and watch our development from afar rather than drastically disrupting it. We should hold off on actively giving out our location until we at least have interstellar capabilities. The safety of spreading out to other planets to ensure our survival in case of an alien attack. We can only hope we are lucky enough for some friendly Extraterrestrials to find us. We can only hope they will be benevolent and act as our protectors from any hostile ET’s!👽

Our Place In The Laniakea Supercluster 

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Who Created God?

Did God Always Exist For Eternity Into The Past?
Macroverse GodThe very Macroverse, aka everything to eternity, and beyond, is itself a conscious God that acts as the foundation for all Universes. When people think of God in a general sense this is who they’re thinking of in most cases. This sapient Non-Corporeal Energy consciousness construct is most probably an amalgam, or collective, or every sentient soul in existence rather than one distinct independent entity. Many have pondered the puzzling enigma of how the first being, and thing, came into existence? Did God always exist for eternity into the past or were they inexplicably forged from a dark void of complete nothingness. Both are seemingly impossible concepts for our small three dimensional biological brains to process!

The problem with eternal existence devoid of a beginning is that there was never a moment of first thoughts which means everything that ever existed always existed without a beginning. This includes Universes and biological beings such as ourselves. This opens the door physical things always existing with no beginning. Then there’s the odd alternative of God just lying dormant for infinitely into the past before finally thinking of things to do out of the blue!

Some may use the excuse that God lies outside of time as the explanation for the above behavior, or the concept of him always existing. However, Time, or a sequence of events, is a product of consciousness at the most fundamental levels. Although in our particular reality our consciousnesses are bound by our physical brains and the temporal streams of our 4-D Universe. Ultimately the Outside Of Time excuse is a convenient cop-out for a complicated concept. Both consciousness and/or the dimension one lives in creates the flow of time.

Mounting metaphysical evidence indicates the first God came into existence via something similar to a Time Travel concept referred to as a Causal Loop, or Bootstrap Paradox.  However, the paranormal process was far more higher-dimensionally dynamic than we could ever hope to comprehend! A Causal Loop is something that appears to have no origin because it was passed artificially through time. For instance, let us say you took your copy of Microsoft Windows back in time to the 1980’s. You give it to Bill Gates before he, and his technical team, invent Windows. Naturally, they reverse engineer the software to create the first Windows program compatible with the hardware of the time. So now where did Microsoft Windows come from? You bought it from the Microsoft Corporation but you’re the one who originally gave it to them. So, in essence, it has no real creation or inventor!  Of course in a Multiverse scenario, it came from a Parallel Universe. In this instance, we’re dealing with something that came from absolute nothingness!

In the case of the Macroverse, we have God, and a perpetual pool of random pure thought waves, or an infinite field of unorganized non-corporeal informational energy. Given the nature of eternity, we eventually see random information waves, or bits coalesce to form patterns. Patterns that eventually form a Neural Network that spawns a rudimentary consciousness that would evolve to sentience, and self-awareness over time. From our temporal perspective, it would be instantaneous. Given the infinite size of the sea of information waves, it’s slim that only one consciousness would evolve.  In fact, every sapient soul, or consciousness construct vibrating at a given frequency, would simultaneously emerge! That includes you!  We believe these independent souls connected with the others just as quickly to form one cohesive mind. The Macroverse God mind!

Of course, we’re still left with the question of where the pure thought pool came from, and what drove the informational waves to program patterns, and consciousnesses to begin with. Why wouldn’t it just lie stagnant? This is where the Causal Loop concept comes into play. In essence, the inanimate information evolved into an animate God who simultaneously created the informational sea as an instant countermeasure to prevent them from fading out of existence. Also as a canvas to build all Universes in the future. This includes lower Gods such as seen in Omniverses. Gods that can arise spontaneously within complex systems that contain a multitude of life, and underlying programming. Something humankind will personally witness someday with the birth of the Cyber-God.

From our viewpoint, as biological beings, we die and spiritually ascend to higher dimensions that eventually lead us to network into the Macroverse God. God created us, and we created God who is in essence us. Ultimately when viewing everything over the enchanted higher dimensional expanse there is a never-ending circular pattern questioning whether anything ever had a birth or not! This is why the concept of a final non-existent death is far-fetched. There has never been a true beginning nor will there ever be a true end in our infinite reality!