What Is Metaphysical Movement Syndrome?

Meta Movement SyndromeMetaphysical Movement Syndrome is the sudden awareness of your complete motion through this Universe, and the higher dimensions above.  The early signs are similar to Vertigo, and common motion sickness. Unlike the inner ear causes of Vertigo you actually feel the 3-D movement of Earth, the Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, etc over the 4-D Universal expanse traveling at thousands of miles per hour!  You also sense your four dimensional movement through the past, and the future along with 5-D movement through all the parallel Universes, and Multiverses you exist in. This extends to the motion of your soul through all the higher dimensions within this Omniverse, and plausibly the Macroverse as well!  It is said to be the most terrifying sensation anyone can experience. Think falling from a low orbit spacecraft, airplane, or skyscraper except a trillion times worse!!!! A simultaneous feeling of falling down, and racing up at light speed along a temporal disorientation that causes your life to race before your very eyes in a time loop that compresses to a pressurized point, and then expands back again!  Your mind also crazily calculates an amazing array of mathematical probabilities for your lives in the parallel Universes. In some cases the user instantly experiences every incarnation of themselves in every physical, and higher dimensional reality! Needless to say the sufferer goes insane, and dies within hours if not minutes.  There is no known cure for MMS!

Causes for Metaphysical Movement Syndrome can includes a curse, or purposeful spell by a powerful practitioner of magic via a unique metaphysical soul rewiring. Usually something only an advanced Sorcerer can accomplish.  In some cases your soul is being attacked in the higher dimensions above causing an astral energy feedback surge into your biological body that can cascade to other incarnations of you in other Universes, and higher dimensions.  In essence spreading like a personal paranormal pandemic. Thankfully Guardian Angels intervene when Multiverse contamination is widespread among your parallel Universe selves.  However isolated individual cases may be allowed to transpire as it is a mathematical probably to be experienced in our Omniverse.  Isolated reports from those with Near Death Experiences indicate some degree of MMS as they floated about the Astral Dream Plane between life, and death. Fortunately in that astral projection state they could withstand it. If you feel you’re in the early stages of MMS, and your general medical practitioner says nothing is wrong with you, then contact your nearest metaphysical medical master, or paranormal practitioner for immediate help!

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