What Is Non-Corporeal Energy?

Non-Physical-EnergyThe ultimate source of Non-Corporeal Energy is the pure consciousness of the Macroverse God.  This energy is passed on to his sapient creations that include us humans who reside in his mind.  Non-Corporeal Energy is intellectual, and emotional information sent forth from Gods to create the vast infinite dimensions, Universes, and worlds of the Macroverse. It is the ultimate programing language from the Master Programmers of reality itself!  All forms of energy, whether physical, metaphysical, or Non-Corporeal, are dynamic vibrating energy fields, and streams that act as the foundation for all Universes, and planes of existence. Non-Corporeal Energy, or Pure Information, was thought to theoretically exist even before the Macroverse God as an infinite ocean of random data that evolved into a coherent program that then created said God.  Others believe that they someone created each other simultaneously through an ultra inexplicably incomprehensible infinite dimensional Causal Loop Paradox! Non-Corporeal Energy is the source of everything including us! Someday through the Afterlife higher dimensional ascension process we will return to the source!

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Is It True Nothing Exists Except Pure Thought Waves?

Veil Of RealityYes it’s true that everything we see around us is a programmed illusion, and we’re in essence living in an infinite virtual reality simulation. Ultimately our so called physical Universe is programmed from pure informational thought waves that are apart of various higher dimensional Gods.  Gods that culminate in the one original eternal Macroverse God, or possibly an infinite pool of pure thought waves.  However if reality spontaneously spawned from such a non-conscious sea of random thought waves then so did conscious beings who became Gods.  Gods who could act in concert as a Macroverse God. The only real things are the pure thoughts of our consciousness, and all sentient beings that generate a higher dimensional soul.  Everything else is merely stage scenery, and props.

Pure thought becomes reality through a process only known to Gods in which their thought waves gradually transition into spacial dimension waves, and then energy string waves.  Energy that eventually transitions into the matter we see around us including our bodies.  Thanks to the programming of our bodies, and the channeling of our souls through our physical brain we are trapped, or tricked, by this illusion.  Only those with special powers can escape this reality, or at least see past the veil of thought wave deceit. If someone was to see past everything they would see directly into the mind of the Macroverse God which is where we’re all standing as we speak.  It’s thought that only Omniverse Gods might have a shot at this.  Since nothing exists,and therefore has no real size, the illusions are technically in the same space.  An infinite myriad of vibrating energy, dimensions, and thoughts all actually existing in no space but for visualization purposes we can say on the head of a pin in the vast oceans of infinite thought in the mind of the Macroverse.

That’s right the entire expanses of the Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and the Macroverse along with every temporal expanse, and higher dimension exists on the period at the end of this sentence.  That’s how the Macroverse God would view the whole Macroverse. If you had the complete power to piece the Macroverse veil you could go anywhere in any time frame instantly.  All you’d have to do is change the vibrational frequency of the programmed space around you to match the time, and place you wanted to be in. You could also create your own Universes to generate amazing fantasy worlds.  Obviously you could also alter vibrational frequencies, and re-program thought waves to change anything in the Macroverse thereby achieving the highest levels of Author Authority powers.  Something to look forward to in the afterlife which is the eventual ascension to various levels of Godhood.  There’s also the general ascension of intelligent civilizations to Godhood status as well.

So next time you feel bored, or yearn to travel across the Universe to infinity, and beyond just realize you’re already there.  You just can’t see it!  You’re everywhere in every time at one with everything.  In addition you’re a few vibrational alternations away from the most amazing life you could ever imagine leading!  You only need to open your eyes to all the vibrating waves that circulate within you like a latent God.  Astral Projection, born out of lucid dreaming, is one of the first cracks in the veil witnessed by the average person.

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