How Much Is A Leprechauns Pot Of Gold Worth?

Leprechaun Gold ReserveThe ultimate answer is priceless due to the fact you get three free wishes if you acquire the glorious gold of the Lucky Leprechaun.  However, let us assume you’re quite nuts and refuse to give back the pot of gold for the wishes.  Instead, you cash it in like a complete fool idiot.  A Leprechaun’s pot o’ gold generally contains 1000 one ounce pure gold coins. At the current April 2020 gold rate of $1,621 per ounce that makes a pot of gold worth $1,621,000.

Consider the fact that you passed over wishing for a billion dollars, or more, for this paltry $1.621 million.  Not to mention wishing for a plethora of other things that money might not be able to buy. Fantastical things such as immortality!  The real worth of a pot of gold is its priceless wishes. The gold is the source of a Leprechaun’s supernatural power, and if you do cash it in he will most likely hound you for all the rest of your days.  The little lucky fellows can hold a grudge when they feel cheated! They often get downright ornery, and could possibly impart bad luck upon you!

The Three Leprechaun Wishes

You can also get those same wondrous wishes without finding the gold hidden at the end of an elusive rainbow by simply capturing the Leprechaun.  Using high-quality Shamrock as bait is the best method.  Just be careful in your capture, and containment method so there’s no hard feelings after the wishes are granted.  Also, remember that Leprechaun wishes aren’t like Genie wishes.  Leprechaun wishes are based on good luck imbued upon you and there’s no malicious trickery!  After that, you have to put in some effort, and let good fortune take its coincidental course.  So you can’t wish for world peace but you can get a billion dollars by winning lotteries, gambling, playing the stock market, etc.  As for immortality, there can be a number of methods in which you would luckily stumble into it such as being injected with top-secret cellular regeneration nanobots from the future courtesy of a time traveler, or perhaps a top secret government project. You could be lucky enough to find a powerful practitioner of magic to imbue you with an eternity of youth.  You may also wish for love, and it will find you. However, you must at least leave the house every so often. With good luck on your side, you will win every time!

Despite the outward limitations of Leprechauns wishes there is a chance to grant various other wishes via magic. Leprechauns can channel their luck into magic and they do have the ability to perform spells. Although not required by supernatural law to do so they could go beyond lucky wishes and delve into their mystical magics. This is where treating the Leprechaun with deep respect comes into play. It’s not often they will go to the enchanted effort but it’s worth a shot by simply being nice to them. Stroke their ego and say it was pure luck you managed to capture them or find their gold. Befriending a Leprechaun can imbue your very soul with eternal luck to infinity and beyond!

Can’t Afford To Buy A Lucky Gold Coin Or Even An Ounce Of Gold?  Then Buy A Gold Grain Or A Gram Of Gold As An Investment Or Token Of Good Luck!

Are Unicorns Real & Do They Live Near Rainbows And Leprechauns?

Leprechaun Riding UnicornUnicorns are real and they do in fact live near rainbows. Rainbows that exist everywhere even if humans can’t see them unless the rain, and holy light of the sun emerge simultaneously. In reality rainbow light re-energizes the immortal powers of a Unicorn and they use rainbows as a way to traverse great distances about the Earth. The mystical Rainbow Network is a travel method used by quite a few paranormal entities who almost always fall within the forces of good. Since Leprechauns hide their gold at the end of rainbows, due to them being only one of the few supernatural creatures able to find the end, Unicorns do run across Leprechauns every so often. Both paranormal creatures get along with each other since they are beings of good luck.  Leprechauns even sometimes earn the privilege of getting to ride aloft the noble Unicorn.  It is said that anyone merely gazing upon a Leprechaun gallantly riding a Unicorn will automatically gain immortality, along with eternal good luck, since it is one of the rarest magical sights on Earth.  A sight whose light literally transmits awesome power into people!