Why Does The Moon Have Power Over Biological Beings?

The Moon seems to affect all manner of supernatural beings, humans, and animals. Whether it’s Werewolf transformation or some humans acting crazy the Moon has always appeared to be a mysterious entity in our dark skies. Outside of any scientific explanations there are supernatural reasons. The Moon exerts strong metaphysical energies that can interact with various people in a variety of ways including the Chakras or metaphysical energy conduits that connect to our very souls.

These lunar powers are caused by the enchanted energies contained within the holy light of the Sun. Energies that become absorbed, filtered, and reflected through the Unholy Moon. However, it is only deemed Unholy in the respect that it is impure and not of concentrated holy star light. Within any given month the Full Moon is controlled by various Gods, Goddesses, and holiday spirits. Even evil demonic forces in some Blood Moon cases! Thankfully, most of the time the energy can be used by both the forces of light and darkness to wage war in a never ending battle for Earthly supernatural supremacy among a variety of entities including Practitioners Of Magic!🌝

7 Ways The Moon May Affect The Human Body

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