The Lucky Storm Moon Of March

The Storm Moon of March encompasses the metaphysical energies of the month’s chaotic weather as winter transitions into spring. This often produces more aggressive Werewolves who will readily go after humans in populated areas. This happens more often when stormy weather is present. Thankfully, the righteous luck of Saint Patrick’s Day is often afoot along with little Leprechauns scurrying about with glee. This usually makes it the Lucky Storm Moon. Under this Moon, various Lucky Charms will work to repel Werewolves in addition to the normal repellents. Also, places with plenty of Shamrock growing tend to be devoid of Werewolves. If the lunar light actually has an enchanting emerald hue then a werewolf attack is extremely unlikely as fantastic fortune hangs heavy in the air!🍀 Read The Latest Lucky Storm Moon Werewolf Warning…

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