The Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon Werewolf

A hungry werewolf eyes a farmer’s livestock for his next meal!

The Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon of September will bring us Werewolves who gravitate toward farm fields rather than their usual woodland haunts. This is a danger for farmers hard at work harvesting crops in the evening as they utilize the bright lunar light to finish their work. The werewolves of this Moon will display average aggression and the standard urge to feed their huge hunger. Often livestock ends up falling prey to these monsters if no humans are present. They don’t usually enter homes and other sealed structures unless provoked. Keep your windows closed at night! Common wolves who would be the usual threat to domesticated animals in some areas often vanish as they sense the apex werewolf predator in the vicinity! 🐺

Far Less Coded Crop Circles From Hell This Year!

The Harvest Moon often finds a demonic hand swirling the lunar light just enough to trigger an odd effect in the Werewolves demon-based DNA. They are compelled to create crop circles that are actually coded messages from Hell to their malevolent minions on Earth! These are mad marching orders from the Devil directing his operatives to assume various strategic positions for the Halloween Season. This will be far more minimal this year since Halloween Queen Shala has a strong hand in deterring these crop circle codes. However, it’s a fair bet that the perplexing powers of Hell will find another way to make their wayward wishes clear to their fanatical followers. Read The Rest Of This Werewolf Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…😈

Summon A Fall Fairy For Help Against A Werewolf…🧚

What’s The Fire Moon?

While the mainstream world often refers to the Full Moon of July as the Buck Moon we in the paranormal community usually know it as the Lightning Moon. The Buck Moon comes from ancient indigenous people observing many young deer developing antlers in July. In the supernatural world, we name each Moon by the Nature Deities who have command of its powerful metaphysical energies. Although a joint cooperative of Lunar Deities has general control there is a complicated higher dimensional system of harnessing its power. This allows others to take hold of the lunar reigns for any given month. July is most often the Lightning Moon as it’s controlled by various Gods of Thunder and Lightning including the King Of Gods himself Zeus. Under a higher dimensional agreement he shares control with the other Gods Of Thunder such as the legendary Thor! It’s no coincidence that July is often a turbulent weather season of Thunderstorms and Tornadoes.🌕

Zeus, Thor, and the other Gods of their kind will relinquish control every so often for the sake of appeasing other deities. All in an effort to keep the peace and maintain godly unity as the Battles Of Armageddon take shape. The main adversaries are Angels, Demons, Jinn, and the Earthly Deities. The various pantheons of deities from around the world are mostly allied under Zeus. However, the Dark Underworld Gods are joining forces with the Demons Of Hell. In order to prevent any further defections goodwill must be granted forth.

This July will be known as the Fire Moon under the authority of various Fire Gods and Goddesses. This includes Hephaestus (Greek), Pele (Hawaiian), Zhurong (Chinese), Logi (Norse), and many other deities of fire. These are the Gods and Goddesses responsible for quite a few of the recent wildfires. Especially in North America. Although some are caused by escaped Phoenix Firebirds. The Fire Deities are performing the natural ritual of fire upon the environment to remove overgrowth and dead bio-matter while enriching the earth for new growth. This process encourages diversity in wildlife in the long run. On top of that, there are additional fires that are protesting the disrespect humankind has shown for Mother Earth by building civilization in an irresponsible manner. These fires are punishments upon humankind. It is said that the rebel Titan God of fire Prometheus came out of hiding to stop these revenge fires. Unfortunately, he fled back to his Underworld hiding place. He is rumored to have some hand in the evolution of humankind along with giving them the gift of fire that began the building of human civilization. Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…🔥

Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning

The Mystic Investigations Paranormal Activity Forecast Center has issued a Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning for the entire planet from dusk to dawn! We advise staying indoors during the nocturnal hours until the Moon is below 80% of Full. If you must go outdoors then be sure to carry the proper Werewolf Repellents and be aware of your surroundings. We advise using lethal countermeasures of a silver variety only if no escape is possible. Remember that these mindless monsters are humans by day and most of the month. If you spot a werewolf don’t hesitate to contact the nearest Werewolf Hunter or Paranormal Professional including masters of magic.🍓 Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…