The 13 Nights Of Halloween 2020

The ominous Orange Alert has been sounded around the supernatural world for The Thirteen Nights Of Halloween have finally arrived! These are the nefarious nights of October 19th through October 31st. Usually The Orange Alert only sounds on Halloween Eve, Samhain, and All Souls Day Of The Dead. Unfortunately, this is an exceptional Halloween season for paranormal activity! For those who live in blissful ignorance it is a jubilant two weeks of spooky celebration. Meanwhile it’s a turbulent time for those of us in the supernatural know.☯️

Perplexing Paranormal Pandemonium Plagues The Planet!

A perplexing period of paranormal pandemonium fueled by several factors. These include the metaphysical energies amped up in the Spirit Of Halloween. Power available to both the forces of good and evil in accordance with the laws of Universal balance that defines the little know real purpose of All Hallows Eve. Enchanted energies also emanate from The Blood Moon of October. This is exponentially increased this year due to the Blue Blood Moon that falls on Halloween itself. An extremely rare occurrence that creates a temporal feedback loop of dark lunar energy accessible throughout the entire month! Then we have the thinning of the inter-dimensional veil between our world and that of the spiritual realm. This is Halloween again trying to bring balance in all things. Even bringing the dead closer to the living! Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…🎃

The Halloween Blood Moon

October 2020 brings us two full Moons which means the second is a rare Blue Moon. The mainstream media calls the first Moon of October 1st a Harvest Moon. This is tradition for the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. The Blue Moon on October 31st, Halloween itself, is considered the Hunters Moon. The name derives from the start of the hunting season in both the human and paranormal world. That being said, in the secret supernatural community any Moon in October is the Blood Moon that falls under the deep influence of diabolical darkness. The closer to Halloween the more evil essence exudes forth. With each passing day expect ever increasing amounts of paranormal activity across the supernatural spectrum. This includes dark spirits, ghosts, demons, poltergeists, werewolves, vampires, zombies, gnomes, dark magicians and monsters of all types!

This despite Halloween being a holiday of balance between the forces of good and evil. A necessary metaphysical mechanism to prevent catastrophic chaos! The forces of darkness are more or less restrained to an extent throughout the year. Especially with so many holidays stoking the Spirit of light and all that is right. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve metaphysical balance is to allow the forces of evil to come out and play during the All Hallows Season. This culminates in the veil between the physical and metaphysical world weakening thus allowing for more higher dimensional entities to exist upon the Earth!

The Blasphemous Blood Moon

This Blood Moon is furthest away from Halloween but it still has great power due to being metaphysically linked to the future Blue Moon at the end of the month. That temporal link grants it the Halloween Blood Moon name. Usually only the Full Moon falling on or very close to Halloween is called that. Demonic and Dark Underworld Deities hold dominion over this menacing Moon. Had it fallen a day earlier then Autumn and Lunar Goddesses would have had control making it a much more peaceful event. Under the Blood Moon paranormal activity will be off the charts for both entities of evil and even those of a righteous sort.

The Chaotic Crimson Moon

In places where it actually appears blood red you should be aware this indicates a greatly increased amount of sinister supernatural skullduggery. Especially in the world of dark magic. If it appears orange then the Queen Of Halloween Shala is influencing the Moon’s metaphysical energies in your area for the purposes of bringing about balance between light and darkness. This is most often an application of enchantment to counter too much evil. So an orange moon will generally mean you can roam the night with some level of safety as The Spirit Of Halloween sets things right. If the Moon looks its usual color then things could go either way. Read The Rest Of This Wayward Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast…🎃

The Hallowed Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning

As always Werewolves tend to be the biggest and most monstrous menace during the nights of the Full Moon! The brilliant bright Harvest Moon is a gift of the Gods to farmers who can continue their crop harvesting into the early nocturnal hours. Unfortunately, while out in the dark fields they are vulnerable to the Werewolves who are drawn to such places under this Moon. They flock from their normal forested habitats and coalesce in farm fields. If the wayward wolves meet then there will be epic hair raising battles in which fur furiously flies about! When entering a field alone the Werewolf will often be compelled by the demons of Hell to create crop circles. These are evil encoded messages directly from Hell to the maniacal minions of the planet. Marching orders for the coming Halloween season plump with perplexing plots to forge forth an agenda of unbridled damnation!

Be Paranormally Prepared For The Worst!

Under the Hallowed Harvest Moon expect Werewolves to be more aggressive and out for your flesh at all costs! If you must venture forth into the sinister shadows then at least try to steer clear of rural agricultural regions. The more populated an area the better. There is a natural instinct instilled in the Werewolf under The Supernatural Secrecy Pact to prevent exposure to the mainstream media. If you’re a farmer and must be in the fields after dark then by all means have a trusted priest bless your fields and a giant tank of water to make it holy. Dunk yourself in the holy water every so often while carrying Wolfsbane and real silver upon your person. The silver is far more effective if it’s a religious symbol. A Super Soaker full of holy water is always a fine weapon to keep on board your tractor.

Werewolves Are People Too!

A silver bullet loaded rifle is a last resort as these monsters are human by day and most of the month! Remember these people have families and a life. They didn’t ask for this chaotic curse! On the other hand, they should take responsibility and lock themselves up during Full Moon nights. Still, there are those who are unaware of their werewolf status and give their blackouts some other explanation as they live dangerous denial. The threat of the hulking wolf will continue until the Moon is below 80% of Full. If the Moon looks Full to you then assume your life is at risk and take the proper paranormal precautions! Read The Rest Of This Wayward Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Blog…🐺