The Fall Fairy Unicorn

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The rare Fall Fairy Unicorn is in fact a micro-sized Unicorn that usually doesn’t grow more than six inches long. It’s a product of Fairy magic interacting with full-size standard Unicorns.  Fall Fairies under the guidance of Autumn Nymphs created this cute Lilliputian Unicorn species to aid in their Autumnal duties. The little gleaming white work horses trot about the forest with enchanted enjoyment directing fallen foliage toward Autumn Elves hard at work raking leaves into pretty piles. In some cases, their artistic side swirls leaves into a kaleidoscope of pleasant patterns.

Riding The Rainbow

Autumn RainbowWhen Autumn Fairies are tired of flying they will often ride aloft the Fall Fairy Unicorn. This includes riding micro-rainbows courtesy of the Lil’ Unicorns light manipulation abilities. These mini-rainbows can be used for fast distant transportation and mystical communication along with directing sunlight to highlight the iridescent colors of certain leaves. In some cases, Rainbow Fairies may work with the Fall Fairy Unicorns to manifest larger rainbows in the greater breathtaking Autumnal landscape.

Some Leprechauns have been known to develop a special kinship with Fall Fairy Unicorns. They become inseparable sidekicks traveling the world spreading good luck and radiant rainbows together. Such cautious Leprechauns prefer hiding a few coins at the end of diminutive rainbows rather than risking their whole pot of gold at the end of a huge one seen by all. Of course, these gentle Unicorns are always kind enough to ask their Fairy friends for their blessing before setting off on a Leprechaun quest. In the same way the Fairies gain consent from the full size Unicorn before shrinking them. Unfortunately, Leprechauns aren’t small enough to ride these petite Unicorns. So you won’t gain eternal life, and luck by the mere wondrous witness of such a sweet sight! Since Unicorns are immortal there is often a point they wish to return to full size thus making room for a new generation of Autumn Fairy Unicorns.🦄

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