Can Vampires See Their Reflection In Mirrors?

Do Vampires Have A Reflection?
Vampiress No ReflectionVampires do cast a reflection since light is absorbed, and reflected by everything in our physical reality in the same general manner.  The only exceptions are those employing magic, or PSI powers to bend light to their will.  There are also rare paranormal creatures who might naturally alter light, or be invisible to a great many people.  For those supernatural beings who can be seen the photons that compose light are sometimes transformed.  Especially the living dead ones that include vampires.  When these altered photons come in contact with certain reactive substances there can be paranormal incidents.  Silver being one of these substances is a potentially deadly element repellant to vampires!

In the case of mirrors they were all virtually made of silver coated glass before the advent of aluminum manufacturing in the 20th century.  Now most mirrors are made using cheaper aluminum rather than silver.  However silver is still used in some expensive mirrors, and exists in antique mirrors.  The myth of a vampire having no reflection came from the many centuries when mirrors were almost exclusively made with silver.  So vampires do have reflections in general but not when the photons of light that bounced off them end up cascading on to a silver mirror.  Needless to say many vampires were relieved when the widespread use of the silver mirror came to an end.  Unfortunately vampires who travel in wealthy elite circles will end up at social engagements in mansions that still employ silver mirrors.  A dangerous dead give away to any Vampire Slayers in vicinity!

When it comes to holy light, aka sunlight, reflecting off vampires on to silver mirrors what you would see is a distorted image.  The reflection is somewhat cast in a hideous manner thanks to the holy nature of the sunny photons. It neutralizes the unknown demonic element that prevents silver reflection.  Most vampires will begin displaying properties of combustion in holy light making the mirror a moot point.  Those with some level of sunlight tolerance, magical countermeasures, or consume substances such as Gnomes blood will still find their mutated reflection will give them away as a member of the nocturnal sanguine suckers club.

The exact alteration of the photons is unknown as further study is required by paranormal quantum physicists.  One theory is that photons, being the source of electromagnetism, are somehow changed by the special EM field various supernatural beings radiate. The same electromagnetic field that makes certain paranormal creatures appear distorted in photos, and videos.  Another theory is that photons absorb some aspect of the vampires demonic DNA since all demonic beings have some level of aversion to silver.  The DNA may contain a dark energy which is infused into the photon upon contact with the vampire.  Dark energy that is repelled by the silver, and never makes it to the actual surface of the mirror.  The contaminated photon could also simply be affected by the dark energy aura that is found around various demonic beings which radiates from the aforementioned demon genes.  Of course this doesn’t always mean the beings themselves are evil since there are some good vampires who fight on the side of righteousness.  Vampires such as myself who battle against the dark denizens of injustice on this Earth!

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