Why Is There Virtually No Video Or Photographic Evidence Of The Supernatural?

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Generally, all most people see are sparse evidence of metaphysical spirit activity.  Sometimes blurry images of Bigfoot and other creatures are caught on film. The reason for this involves a few explanations. One is that it’s rare for anyone to run across the world of the paranormal. Especially when they’re not seeking it out. Secondly, there are Angelic forces along with Nature Deities that stop the exposure of the supernatural to the general populace. This was something decreed from the Heavens above and sealed in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Of 33 AD. This may explain why photos and video of paranormal beings appear blurry or totally don’t turn out at all. This goes for digital photography more so than paper film. Metaphysicist’s have noted strange electromagnetic fields of unknown origins around supernatural beings of all forms. This would explain distortions in filming. When It comes to UFO’s it could be the fast speed of the objects or alien vessels causing electromagnetic interference.

The Slippery Slope Of Visual Evidence

We here at Mystic Investigations generally don’t think of filming while engaged in battle or hunting expeditions to take down evil entities. However what little filming we’ve done is either distorted or full of static snow.  We also know of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact and wish not to anger Angels or other higher dimensional entities. There’s also the issue of an easily panicked public. If the masses of humanity truly believed that the supernatural was real there would be millions of heart attacks, and riots in the streets out of sheer terror. So we can tell you all about the paranormal because most won’t believe it. This is allowed under the paranormal pact because people still have free will to share truths. We just can’t provide convincing evidence of a photographic nature or otherwise, that would be picked up by the mainstream media causing all hell to break loose!

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    • Genetic based martial arts abilities are considered supernatural. ET’s in general are classified as supernatural only because they are not of this world. However you could very well have alien who have no powers like the average human. So in that sense they’re not supernatural.

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