What Happens When A Werewolf Is Shot With A Silver Bullet?

When it comes to Werewolves normal bullets will either bounce off a fully transformed Werewolf or penetrate on the surface layers of flesh. This depends on the metaphysical energies absorbed by any given full Moon along with a werewolf’s age.  The older they are the more they can withstand a hail of standard metal bullets. The successive absorption of lunar power builds their strength over time. Bullets that have penetrated their furry mass will dissolve into their base metals, and be absorbed into the bodies paranormal chemistry.  If they haven’t entered all the way in past their skin then they will simply pop out as the wound rapidly heals.

That being said there is a type of bullet that will seriously harm a werewolf. That being the infamous silver bullet that is the Lycanthropes Kryptonite. A bullet that will not hesitate to shoot deep into the supernatural flesh causing great damage!  Once inside the bullet will instantly dissolve, and the silver will enter the bloodstream for rapid distribution throughout the hairy horrors body.  Silver is a universal purification element that has been known to destroy bacteria and viruses since ancient times. In modern times applications of colloidal silver are used for this purpose. It was also discovered to ravage supernatural viruses that create demonic DNA in humans.  This includes not only werewolves but vampires as well. There’s no way to extract the bullet and kill is often instant.  Aforementioned factors like the intensity of the given full Moons energy and the werewolf’s age might allow them to hold on for some minutes. However, they will languish in sheer agony!  Once the Werewolf dies it transforms back to a human despite the full Moon. Certainly, a convenient thing to prevent potential mass proof of Werewolves existence.

If a Werewolf is shot in its human form by a normal bullet then a similar healing happens with the bullet being absorbed or self-extracted from the body.  Although the healing process is quite a bit slower. If they’re shot with a silver bullet there’s a window of about 5-15 minutes for them to extract the bullet before absorption of the silver poisons them to death.  A bullet hitting the brain or heart will cause instant death. The only hope of reversing any silver in their system is to wash the wound with unholy water along with drinking large quantities as well.  However, the side effect will be a feeling of being sick to one’s stomach along with intense sensations of evil thoughts.  Luckily the effects of this will wear off within 66 hours or so. It’s best that the subject lock themselves away during that time. Especially if the full Moon is going to hit soon! Of course, any responsible Werewolf should already be doing that every month.

Needless to say, it’s best for Werewolves to avoid the silver bullet wielding Werewolf Hunters who relentlessly track them down with a vengeance!  Although some simply want to protect the public and will try to capture a Lycanthrope first with death being the last resort.  We here at Mystic Investigations realize that Werewolves are still humans at heart. We strive for incapacitation and capture rather than the easy silver bullet-ridden death. Often super soakers full of top-flight holy water can drive a wayward wolf into a silver cage.

Can Silver Harm Or Kill Vampires?

Silver CrossYes 100% pure silver is a Kryptonite of sorts for vampires just as it is for werewolves. A pure 100% silver bullet or silver stake to the heart will cause instant death.  Hitting them elsewhere will cause prolonged agony before their eventual death.  However if they can remove the silver from their body in time they can recover. Silver has a negative effect on a variety of paranormal beings with demonic roots due to its ancient roots as a curative for various ailments. Namely in its colloidal silver form. When injected with enough colloidal silver a vampire will get very sick, and die. Silver in essence kills the demonic vampire virus that infects a vampire’s body. Unfortunately killing off the virus doesn’t revert the subject back to human form but rather a pile of ash!

Absolute pure silver is required or it will only make them sick, and they’ll recover.  This is unlike Werewolves who are very sensitive to any amount of silver, and can die from a silver plated bullet hitting them anywhere.  In addition with Werewolves they’re a goner even if they remove the silver bullet rather quickly.  Another important fact is that merely possessing silver will not repel a vampire as it does with werewolves who get deep negatives energy vibes from the metal.  However touching it to their skin can cause minor burns. In addition you can take two bars of silver to form a cross which would repel a vampire with more authority than a wooden cross.

Why Does Silver Hurt Werewolves?

Why Does Silver Have Negative Effects On Various Supernatural Beings?
Silver CrossMother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia, provides a strength, and weakness for everything in the grand scheme of eternal balance. A Universal balance originally set by the Omniverse God who allowed not only for a sun of his holy light but also a Moon to neutralize it’s effects on unholy paranormal beings. Silver is the metal mystically related to the Moon which was used for centuries by humans to purify water, and destroy bacteria even before they knew it existed. This purification extents to the paranormal world where it acts to weaken, or destroy supernatural scourges such as Werewolves who can’t control their monstrous side, or are purposely evil.

Despite the Moon being a source of transformational power for Werewolves silver is very Leaping Werewolfmuch the opposite element. Silver has the exact opposite mystical energy vibrations as the Moon.  It’s the filtered light of the sun reflected by the Moon along with unseen mystical lunar forces that power Werewolves. If they were to actually travel to the Moon, or simply touch a Moon rock it would be very harmful to them. Even more so than silver. Somewhat in the same way the sunlight benefits humans yet if we were to actually touch the sun it would incinerate us. However instead of unimaginable heat, and fire it’s the proximity to the unseen mystical forces that would destroy them. Fortunately for Werewolves lunar rocks, and meteorites are extremely rare but silver is in great abundance. Silver that repels, injuries, and ultimately kills Werewolves due to cleansing away the demonic DNA that dwells within them.

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